Lin Zuo opened a class to teach investment quilts: You can start a reincarnation class

Lin Zuo opened a class to teach investment quilts: You can start a reincarnation class

Lin Zuo, who claims to be the “Hong Kong King of Water Pumping”, imitated the outfit of the murder suspect in the execution case a few days ago, which attracted netizens to intervene and refused to apologize afterwards because of his comments and behavior, he was fired by the insurance company he worked for and issued a statement of “breaking the seat” The statement did not name names, but Lin Zuoze directly acknowledged receiving the “big envelope”.


Lin Zuo imitated the dress of the murder suspect.

Lin Zuo, who has always been very confident, joined the unemployed army, but as he said, gold will definitely shine, and this time he has the chance to shine again. Because he has just announced on the social network that he will start a class to learn investment and financial management, he also posted a message to promote: “She taught me her unique skills, so I learned to use her method to invest and earn passive income. very early… Now that this is true, why don’t I take this opportunity to start a class to teach everyone how to invest!” Netizens who knew the news continued to chase Lin Zuo, and Lin Zuo said wildly, “I asked my mother to start a class, and I want you to explain it?” , There are also netizens who are worried about him also offer suggestions, saying that if his mother opens an investment class, he can start a reincarnation class.


Open classes to teach investment and financial management.

Of course, the power of netizens is not so small. Even Lin Zuo’s “viewing history” has been shared. He only handled 3 cases during his practice, with a record of 1 win and 2 losses. Almost all were represented cause by Lin Zuo lost. He won the case because the defendant was absent from the hearing. No wonder the netizens ridiculed him and said: “It is so difficult to win the case with logic, and if you fight, you may lose it.” insurance guy”.


The net department has fought 3 lawsuits.