Home Business LINE BK is kind to the promotion, borrowing money with low interest at 9.99% per year for 2 months.

LINE BK is kind to the promotion, borrowing money with low interest at 9.99% per year for 2 months.

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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Extend a special promotion, borrow money with low interest. Alongside Thai people to fight COVID together Just apply for LINE BK lending service, get a low interest rate of 9.99% per year for 2 months when applying for a loan line and get approval from today – June 30, 2021 to help mitigate the impact and strengthen liquidity for those in need Provide access to funding sources in the system Warning against loan apps outside the epidemic system Worried about fooling around with brutal interest Aggravate the situation

Mr. Thanaphotikamjorn, Chief Executive Officer of Kasikorn Line Company Limited, revealed that LINE BK would like to be a part of helping mitigate the impact and strengthen financial liquidity for those suffering from the new coronavirus outbreak that It may affect the life and business of the customer. Therefore extending the promotional period for lending limit services Offer a special interest rate of 9.99% per year for a period of 2 months for customers who apply for loan lines and have been approved from today – June 30, 2021 by those who are interested in just having a mobile phone. With the LINE application, you can apply for an account opening service and request LINE BK credit by yourself via LINE 24 hours a day.

Credit Line is a digital personal loan service. That users can easily request a credit limit by themselves via the LINE app, under the concept of “easier to borrow LINE” and quickly approve Person with no regular income Or without pay slips such as merchants, freelancers and small personal business owners If you have a minimum income of 7,000 baht per month, you can apply for the service. And when applying, the credit limit can be used at any time according to the time that the customer wants. Currently, LINE BK’s lending balance is approximately 5-6 billion baht, and there are more than 2 million loan applications since its opening to date, with approximately 200,000 accounts approved. The average credit limit per person is 20,000-30,000 baht, but will also be based on the income base of the loan applicant. Usually, the criteria for the maximum credit limit is 5 times the income of the applicant for a loan.

“In a time when the economy continues to confront the COVID situation, LINE BK understands this difficult time. And ready to provide assistance through the special interest rate lending service To provide an alternative to the affected people to have access to legal sources of funding. And avoid the dangers of fraudulent loan apps Which may face both the problem of collecting interest rates exceeding the legal rate Become the victim of a brutal debt collection problem The fee is deducted from the principal, not receiving the full amount. Or being deceived into transferring the insurance money first, but not getting the loan, etc. Therefore warn you to be careful about borrowing from illegal loan apps that are currently spreading. “

For special promotions New customers who apply for Personal Loan, LINE BK Lending Line and receive loan approval from today – 30 June 2021, will receive a special interest rate of 9.99% per year for 2 months (60 days) from the drawdown date. Credit limit for ready-to-use lending limit For every withdrawal transaction, use the credit limit that meets all conditions as follows

1. There is a transaction for withdrawing the loan limit that is ready to be used from 2,000 baht or more per transaction.

2. There is a transaction to withdraw the credit line, ready to use within 2 months (60 days) from the date the loan is approved. By the time the special interest rate has been expired, customers will receive the normal interest rate as approved by the customer before participating in this promotion.

3. The company reserves the right to cancel the special interest rate and adjust it to the normal interest rate immediately without prior notice to the customer. In the event that the customer has a payment later than the due date Or reimburse less than the minimum amount stated in your account statement.


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