Home Business LINE MAN throws 150 million baht to support half each. New customers order the first meal and pay 1 baht.

LINE MAN throws 150 million baht to support half each. New customers order the first meal and pay 1 baht.

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LINE MAN spends 150 million baht in a big campaign of the year to support half a person. New customers order the first meal, pay only 1 baht, plus extend the delivery time until 7 November.

LINE MAN spends 150 million baht to send the biggest campaign of the year to support half each, and promote new customers to order half each. The first meal pays only 1 baht and extends the free delivery period for each half of the orders from the shop within 5 km for another 7 days until 7 Nov. This hopes to extend the benefits to more than 28 million Thais. with half the right to order food Get the best value in the most selection of stores, repeat No. 1, the delivery champion is half each.

Mr. Yod Chinsupakkul, Chief Executive Officer LINE MAN Wongnai said, “After the government opened up to Thai people Use half of each person to order food through delivery. To reduce the cost of consumers by half, LINE MAN decided to support. by refraining from the delivery fee of each half order which was very successful Therefore, we continue this intention by investing an additional budget of 150 million baht to extend the period of waiving the delivery fee for another 7 days, as well as injecting a promotion to help pay for food for new customers. You can access benefits on LINE MAN by ordering food from more than 45,000 half and half restaurants across Thailand.”

The campaign “LINE MAN, worth each floor, half order” offers special privileges for new customers. LINE MAN sends a messageWorth standing for one. Order half each. The first meal only pays 1 baht* after use, get an additional 150 baht discount code** From today – 7 November 2021

  • half order LINE MAN for the first time, enter the code1BAHT” Pay only 1 baht, get a discount of up to 150 baht on food, no minimum order amount. Only for new customers who order food using half the privilege on LINE MAN for the first time only.
  • Get additional discount, total value of 150 baht It is a coupon of 50 baht, 3 times in the message box. (by receiving the code After completing the first order with the coupon “1BAHT”), use with a minimum order of 70 baht for orders that do not participate. The next half project Valid until 30 Nov.

LINE MAN customers in 68 provinces across the country can order food and pay through the project half a person from a shop within 5 kilometers without having to pay any delivery charges. (No need to enter code) from the original end of October 31, extended for another 7 days to the end of November 7


In addition, LINE MAN also “Pimree Pie-Pimradaporn Benjawattanaphat” The hottest presenter release new single with Pimry Pie’s signature catchy fire rap. Come out to create a colorful project for each half, releasing Lyrics Video to sing along today at https://youtu.be/BA5Z-KlKtGI

“For supporting the delivery fee and additional food costs This is to expand the opportunity for half the eligible people who have never used it. Through the food delivery platform LINE MAN has tried for the first time. which will get value and convenience without having to leave the house to buy food during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Khun Yodto finish off

*Terms and conditions are as specified by the company.

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