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LINE Pay centralizes the revised all-in-one card payment function to a single portal

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(Central News Agency reporters Cai Mengyu and Zeng Yining, Kaohsiung, 28th) In response to regulatory adjustments, LINE Pay will be revised on November 2. The LINE Pay Money service will be changed to a single entry on the homepage and managed separately from third-party payment services. Reducing risks also improves system stability.

The card company issued a press release today stating that in response to the July announcement by the Financial Management Committee of the combination of electronic ticket and electronic payment, the range of financial services that can be handled has been expanded. It will cooperate with the revision of the electronic payment system LINE Pay on November 2nd when LINE 11.19 is updated. To update the service.

The card company explained that the main content of this revision is that all services related to LINE Pay Money, such as transfers and split accounts, will be changed to the unified entrance on the LINE Pay homepage, so that the click path adjustment will be more focused, and the payment on the mobile desktop will be more focused. Barcodes are also separate from LINE Pay and establish their own payment portals.

The card company said that this revision not only cooperates with the amendments, but also changes the LINE Pay Money e-ticket and the electronic third-party payment LINE Pay from single verification to separate verification, which improves the stability of the service system and reduces risks; The various services of the merchant and the account password of LINE Pay Money users will not be changed.

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The One Card Company also reminded that if users only set the password for LINE Pay Money, they will need to reset the password when using the third-party payment function of LINE Pay after the revision. In the future, the passwords of the two users will also be managed and stored separately.

According to the statistics of the one-card company, the registered users of the one-card electronic payment service exceeded 4 million in August. This year, the stored value of electronic payment has reached a new high, and the accumulated amount has exceeded 56 billion yuan. The LINE 11.19 version will be launched first for Android on November 2nd, and the iOS updated version will be released later, and update notifications will be sent through the LINE Pay wallet at that time. (Editor: Huang Shiya) 1101028

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