LINE Thailand Organizes LINE Conference Thailand 2023, Focusing on Hyper-Local Technology and Becoming an “Open Platform for Thai People”

LINE Thailand Unveils Vision for Future Growth at LINE Conference Thailand 2023

In a major technology seminar, LINE Thailand introduced its vision, direction, and strategy for the next stage of development and implementation of new technology. The goal is to become an “open platform for Thai people,” facilitating seamless technological connections to improve lives, businesses, and developers. The company aims to reveal its plans for solution development, catering to the unique needs of Thai users, partners, and developers, solidifying its position as a leading life infrastructure platform in the new digital era.

Embracing Hyper-Local Technology for a Promising Future

Dr. Pichet Rerkpreecha, CEO of LINE Thailand, emphasized the company’s significant role in people’s daily lives over the past 12 years. With more than 54 million users, LINE Thailand has established its position as a vital life infrastructure platform in the digital age. Leveraging a team of talented developers in Thailand, the company envisions driving a Smart Country using hyper-localized technology. This will open up extensive opportunities for Thai people to thrive in various dimensions in a stable and sustainable manner.

Unwavering Commitment to Group Chat and Solutions for Work

During the event, Norasit Sitthiwetwichit, Deputy Chief Operating Officer (COO) of LINE Thailand, highlighted the company’s dedication to continuously developing its core services, particularly Group Chat, which remains immensely popular among Thai users. Group Chat has experienced an impressive growth rate of over 56% in the last decade, surpassing global trends. LINE Thailand conducted a survey, revealing that the most popular Group Chat categories among users are friends (82%), family (80%), work (77%), and school (27%). This diversity showcases how different groups utilize Group Chat. Additionally, more than 77% of users reported that family chat groups enhanced interaction between generations, while Group Chat significantly streamlines work processes, fostering more efficient working environments. LINE Thailand is committed to developing tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of Thai working groups, harmonizing work, life, and family.

Furthermore, LINE Thailand plans to launch LINE STICKERS PREMIUM, a monthly/annual sticker service for Thai users. This exclusive service offers a wider selection of sticker sets, providing users with a more rewarding experience. It exemplifies LINE’s commitment to enhancing the strengths of its digital communication platform.

Revealing the First Technology Vision for LINE Thailand in 2023

Weera Kasetsin, Deputy Chief Product Officer (CPO) of LINE Thailand, emphasized the company’s recognition of technology’s importance. Over the next five years, LINE Thailand aims to become an “Open Platform,” integrating cutting-edge technologies and offering products and services that cater specifically to Thai consumer behavior, businesses, and partners. To achieve this, LINE Thailand will focus on four key strategies:

  1. Extensive Plug-Ins: This strategy aims to connect LINE with various systems and solutions developed either by LINE itself or its partners and general developers. This approach will enhance the efficiency of creating products and services that meet diverse needs of Thai consumers.
  2. Data Utilization: Encouraging partners and developers to access data both quantitatively and qualitatively, allowing them to utilize this data to drive real growth.
  3. Performance Marketing: Enhancing marketing efficiency on the platform through robust data management and analysis capabilities, fostering sustainable growth for businesses with LINE solutions.
  4. Focus on Privacy: Prioritizing user security and privacy with strict adherence to privacy policies.

Proposed Roadmaps for Technological Upgrades

  1. Customer Data Tools: LINE Thailand plans to enhance its MyCustomer tool to better manage customer data. This will empower merchants to access and manage more data, adhering to user consent and legal regulations. The company intends to introduce MyCustomer for small business groups (SMEs) and, in the future, for larger business groups to manage CRM-specific data.
  2. Ads Improvement: LINE Thailand aims to improve its advertising tools, allowing brands to analyze and apply data effectively to stimulate business growth. This includes adding segments for more targeted Persona Targeting and providing businesses and stores with consumer behavior data from LINE SHOPPING for analysis and segmentation. LINE ADS will be enhanced to provide more accurate and comprehensive ad distribution.
  3. API & Plug-In: LINE Thailand plans to expand API connections, ensuring compatibility with diverse systems and meeting specific needs comprehensively. For instance, LINE SHOPPING API, Messaging API, and the upcoming LINE OA Plus Plug-In Store will offer external solutions, providing opportunities for the Thai business sector to find solutions tailored to their requirements.

LINE Thailand remains dedicated to developing superior solutions and services to address the specific needs of Thai people. It aims to foster open opportunities on its platform, welcoming internal and external developers to participate in driving the country forward. By harnessing unlimited technology, LINE Thailand strives to create transformative change in people’s lives.

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LINE Thailand organizes LINE Conference Thailand 2023, highlighting hyper-local technology to improve life, business and developers, becoming an “open platform for Thai people”

The first time for LINE Thailand with a major technology seminar, LINE Conference Thailand 2023 or # LCT23, together with the announcement of the vision, direction and strategy for the next step in the development and implementation of the new technology of the year towards becoming “an open platform for Thai People.” Open up the opportunity to seamlessly connect technology. Ready to reveal solutions development plans under the understanding of Thai users, partners and developers, reinforcing our position as a new era Life Infrastructure platform.

“Opportunity” to the future of innovation with Hyper-local technology

Dr. revealed Pichet Rerkpreecha, CEO of LINE Thailand, that LINE Thailand has been part of people’s daily lives for over 12 years. Under the mission “Close the Distance” through platforms and services that have more than 54 million users, reinforcing our position as life infrastructure in the digital age (Life Infrastructure) and promoting the strength of having a team of developers in Thailand. That will be a stepping stone to the next stage of innovation in driving a Smart Country with technology. Hyper-Localized in order to “open opportunities” for the Thai people to grow in the digital age in many dimensions in a stable and sustainable manner.

Not abandoning Grŵp Chat’s strengths, aiming to develop solutions for work

At the event, Norasit Sitthiwetwichit Mr Deputy Chief Operating Officer (COO) also revealed that LINE’s strengths are basic services such as ‘Chat’, which are still continuously developed, especially Group Chat, which is very popular among Thai people. This is reflected in the growth statistics of over 56% over the last 10 years, and the rate of sending different types of messages, including images, audio files, and videos, has a higher growth rate than other countries around the world.

A survey by LINE Thailand found that the most popular Group Chat categories were friends (82%), family 80%, work 77%, and school 27%, reflecting the diversity of user groups and how they use them. More than 77% of users said that family chat groups help them have more interaction between generations. Meanwhile, Group Chat can help make work processes faster and easier. This leads to a more efficient working society than in the past. This leads to a commitment to develop solutions that meet the needs of Thai working groups in order to create a balance between work, life and family together.

In addition, Mr Norasit also revealed plans to launch LINE STICKERS PREMIUM, a monthly / annual sticker service for Thai people, another option for choosing to use a variety of sticker sets and be more rewarding. It is considered part of the direction to develop the strengths of the LINE platform in digital communication to be more efficient.

Unveiling the first technology vision of the year for LINE Thailand

Mr. Weera Kasetsin, Deputy Chief Product Officer (CPO), said that LINE Thailand has always seen the importance of technology development. As a technology organization for Thai people, over the next 5 years, LINE will aim to be an “Open Platform” that is ready to connect with a variety of cutting-edge technologies Bringing products and services that are consistent with Thai people’s behavior Regarding consumers, businesses and partners, using the initial ideas from the LINE Thailand team to specifically meet the needs of the Thai market through 4 key strategies:

1. Extensive Plug-Ins enable connectivity with a wide range of other systems or solutions. There are both solutions developed by LINE itself and systems developed by partners or general developers. Increase efficiency in creating products and services to meet the needs of Thai consumers in a wider and deeper dimension.

2. Use Data encourages partners and developers to have more access to data. both quantitatively and qualitatively seamlessly This leads to using data to drive real growth.

3. Performance Marketing increases the efficiency of marketing on the platform. With stronger data management and analysis capabilities Create sustainable growth for the business sector through various LINE solutions.

4. Focus on Privacy maintains a strict focus on user security and privacy.

Announcing 3 road maps to upgrade technology

1. Customer Data Tools increase the ability to manage customer data through the MyCustomer tool to collect user 1st Party Data, empowering merchants to access and manage more data than ever before. Within the scope of user consent in accordance with the law There are plans to launch MyCustomer for small business groups (SMEs) and in the future for business groups that want to manage data specifically for CRM.

2. Ads Improvement improves the tools for advertising on LINE to be able to analyze Apply the data that brands have obtained to stimulate better business growth, such as adding segments to find target groups through Persona Targeting to be more specifically. and allow businesses and stores to use consumer behavior data on LINE SHOPPING for analysis and segmentation. Shoot ads through LINE ADS more accurately and comprehensively than before, etc.

3. API & Plug-In: Open to expanding API connections to be more diverse and meet specific needs more comprehensively, such as LINE SHOPPING API, Messaging API, including plans to launch the LINE OA Plus Plug-in Store , a source of solutions for users Developed outside the LINE organization to offer new solutions and also to provide opportunities for the Thai business sector. Looking for solutions to meet needs

LINE Thailand always focuses on developing better solutions and services. To meet the specific needs of Thai people Through open opportunities on LINE, internal and external developers can participate on this open platform. To drive the country Ready to create change in people’s lives with unlimited technology.

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