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Lineage W adds a dark fantasy feel to the first sound

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▲ Lineage W emphasizes the dark fantasy aspect compared to the original PC Lineage (photo source: Lineage W official website)

In a game, sound is also an important device to recall old play memories. At the second showcase of Lineage W held in September, users who watched the video playing the guitar in the arrangement of the original main theme song ‘Forever’ at the end showed a reaction that ‘Reminds me of the old days’.

Lineage W is a new title based on the original PC version of Lineage released in 1998. Because there is an original, the task is to keep the original feeling that fans remember, while adding new parts that have not been felt before. The producers also explained that they focused on this part. The sound you hear in the game is largely divided into background music and sound effects. First of all, as for the background music, in addition to the eternity mentioned above, the main music such as the original main theme song and the theme song for each village were remade and put into the game.

▲ Lineage W special video with eternal guitar arrangements (Video source: Lineage W official YouTube channel)

In addition, one of the characteristics of Lineage W is that the narrative that conveys the world view and story has been strengthened, and sound plays an important role in this part as well. In Lineage W, each class has a different background story, which is also conveyed through play. In the original version, the class theme song only appeared in the login window, but in Lineage W, the theme song flows according to the selected class as the story progresses. As the story unfolds, when you encounter other users and PvP begins, the background music is switched to PvP only. There is also an informational aspect that not only increases immersion in the story, but also informs the character of the situation through sound.

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Subsequently, the sound effect conveyed the feeling of hitting the original, but added a dark feeling to the theme of ‘Dark Fantasy’. In Lineage, the sound of the hit is mainly revealed through the character’s voice, and Lineage W uses the original sound effect and at the same time puts the characteristics of each character in the sound of the hit so that the unique feeling of hitting is revealed. Here, in order to enhance the game content and the level of directing perfection, various sounds were newly created in the in-house police studio (a studio that takes sounds from real objects and makes them into game sound effects).

▲ Lineage W in-game trailer video (Video source: Lineage W official YouTube channel)

▲ Lineage W class story video (Video source: Lineage W official YouTube channel)

Finally, it provides an option to adjust the music or sound according to the user’s situation. Lineage W is serviced on PC and mobile, and in the case of mobile, you may be in a situation where you cannot hear the sound loudly or you have to play only part of it. Accordingly, the volume of the background music as well as the volume of each area such as battle, dialogue voice, UI, and notification can be individually adjusted according to taste and situation. In addition, it supports ‘dynamic range’, which adjusts the sound according to the device that the user listens to, such as headphones, speakers, and earphones.

Lineage W will be released domestically and globally on November 4th, and pre-download is available from November 2nd. As of October 18, there were more than 13 million pre-registration participants.


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