“Lion-Prajaya” almost fainted! Makeover and dress up as a woman in “Jenny, by day, by night”

by Singto-Prajaya reveals that “After the Jenny Day series, Night has already aired. The feedback is very good. I am very happy to play this story. For the combination of the two roles, Jane Kwan and Jenny. Let me tell you, it is not easy, it is challenging and I am very excited to take on this role. Because personally, I’m a person who likes novel chapters. Who considers the role accepted this time also a challenge for himself “

What was it like when you married a woman Was it difficult?

“Let me tell you that the hardest part in this play is probably the part of dressing up as a woman. Because it’s not just a man disguised as a woman. But in the story everyone has to recognize that this is a real woman.”

How should I prepare?

“I started to study the characters of people around me. like the heroine, Nong Nonni, who walks how does she sit Which tune should be adapted? Then I stopped doing fitness altogether. in order to make our body smaller.”

“There is quite a problem. That’s about losing your sweat. Because in the story, I have to wear a wig. I have some problems. The back area will have a wound. But most of them lose more than themselves. and it will sting on the side burns next to the ear But I’m patient because I want the work to come out as perfect as possible The makeup, the hair, the wig, the dress, it’s all new for me.”

In addition to my face How are the clothes?

“The top is that you have to wear a bra. and have to walk and run in high heels Some costumes require wrapping tape around the chest to make us look like a bust. make breathing difficult I almost faint sometimes (laughs). Because I’m not used to it, it’s uncomfortable too. My back hurts too. When I finished dressing, after seeing myself for the first time, I was amazed (laughs).

Fans saw a lion in a female form. How are you?

“The fans like each other, I’m happy, and the response is good. We, the workers, are tired. I don’t want to miss even one episode. Because when we act ourselves, we still have a lot of fun portraying this role. I hope viewers will be happy and enjoy it as much as I do.”.

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