Liquor authorities filed a complaint against the young man who chooses expensive drinks and drowns without paying Liquor complaint against the youth stealing liquor

Palakkad: Complaint that a young man stole expensive liquor from a premium liquor shop in the area. The Southern Police have registered a case on behalf of the young man who was identified through the CCTV footage and have started an investigation. According to the complaint filed by the workers, he came and stole liquor worth lakhs of rupees on different busy days.

The specialty of the premium counter is that you check the type of liquor, check the price, choose the one you like and then pay the bill. According to this, the complaint is that the young man drowns while talking on the phone after drinking alcohol. According to Bawridge’s staff, the young man used to smuggle alcohol in the same way many times. The difference in the figure and the number was seen in the situation where the loss of expensive liquor is common. The workers confirmed that lakhs were lost due to this. The police said that the youth may be arrested soon if the CCTV footage is available.

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