“Lisa BLACKPINK” sends fried meatballs, dessert cups, iced tea, tempting people all over the world.

the girl of the past Lisa, a Thai member of BLACKPINK top class Korean group They often post pictures to suggest menus.Thai fooda frequent favorite Until the Thai food that Lisa posts on social media, oftenbecome a trend to make people flock to eat It has become a soft power that can make Thais and foreigners amused, especially the “Stand-Beat Meatballs” menu in Buriram Province. Lisa’s hometown When Lisa posted the photo shortly after meatballs standing up to eat them made a landslide sale Just because Lisa said This is her favorite meal, and most recently, at noon today, November 9, 2022, Lisa posted another Thai food story.

The female idol has come out to update the story with pictures.Thai foodThere are many favorites like fried meatballsJuicy Tamarind Sauce The trays are arranged in a different Thai style. with vegetables followed by desserts like a cupcakeLava Spring Rolls Finish with Thai iced tea. Previously, last July, “Lisa BLACKPINK” uploaded a story to eat “Roti Saimai” until the fans teased that they had to hurry to buy it. Because Lisa will make roti, cotton candy, rare. Back then, Lisa also made “standball meat” which became a popular dish overnight. causing people to flock to the line to buy and try the aforementioned Buriram menu

By the time BLACKPINK’s Lisa uploaded the Instagram story, “Roti Sai Mai” also showed a demonstration of wrapping silk threads with roti dough. with a Thai caption that says “Sai Mai”

At that time, Lisa also posted other Thai desserts such as Kanom Kluay, Khanom Chan and Luk Chup with the caption “Thai Dessert”.

soon after Roti Saimai was really feverish. Just like the meatballs he stood to eat last year. Because there are many people following in footsteps to eat Roti Sai Mai in “Roti Sai Mai Road” in Ayutthaya. The seller admits that the trend Lisa BLACKPINK eating roti cotton candy caused enough customers to increase

The cotton candy roti that Lisa has eaten. Many people expect it to come from “Minnie (G)I-DLE”, another Thai girl who is famous in the K-pop industry. Because there is a picture of Minnie’s daughter coming out for a live show eating Roti Sai Mai that her mother brought from Thailand. along with explaining how to eat in Korea Soon after, Lisa posted a story about Roti Saimai, following Minnie in succession.

You have to look out for fried meatballs, cupcakes, iced Thai tea, and lava spring rolls. Will there be another fever that people flock to buy and eat after Lisa or not?

Lisa is eating fried meatballs




Lisa is eating Roti Saimai

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