Lisa Thai Coffey From Ex On The Beach; Aubrey's main ex is Day Ex

Lisa Thai Coffey From Ex On The Beach; Aubrey's main ex is Day Ex

Most people would do nothing to avoid being present. However, the Ex on the beach not like most people spent. They signed literally as part of it Ex on the beach to do so. Lisa "Thai" came Coffey into Ex on the beach as a former Aubrey Day, but there are many other two stories than dating a person in the eyes of the public.

According to the bio cast MTV, Coffey is a clothing designer based in Los Angeles, and that is how she and reality TV were connected first and foremost. She met Aubrey as she styling her Dumblonde, the singing song created by Aubrey with the other member Danity Kane, Shannon Bex. The no claims that “their relationship quickly moved from business to pleasure, but it ended when Aubrey left Lisa to make a film Single Individual. "

Ironically, Aubrey left that relationship with another famous reality star, Jersey Coast starring DJ Pauly D. As of this moment, it is unclear whether Aubrey was in contact after her split, but one of them has to pour the tea on the status of her relationship as soon as Lisa lies up on the beach in Malibu.

Fans don't know if Lisa went into Ex on the beach to address Aubrey about the end of their relationship, to get a closure, to re-imagine a flame, or something completely completely, but it seems to be a valuable addition to the show, at least according to part of it. co-stars. In a video posted to the official Ex on the beach Instagram account, Season 3 members spent Marie Roda and Kenya Scott agreeing that Lisa is "wise" and Kenya says she is "a bad bitch."

Outside their role Ex on the beach, Lisa is the founder of Coconut Village, which is described on his Instagram as "Clothes and accessories inspired by Southeast Asia. Handmade from ex-cyclists textiles with a boho twist."

On the Coconut Village website, Lisa explained that she created the company with her mother to try to blend her "Lao traditions with a modern twist." However, the mother / daughter is not only working on the Coconut Village.

In a letter on her website, Lisa unveiled, "I wanted to do more. And the change that these women were given to us saw our first Coconut Village workshop in November 2017, with more than 20 women. now as part of our family. "

Apart from her recent fashion and reality TV, Lisa says she had previously held a “successful modeling career” in a post she wrote on the Coconut Village website. Lisa's IMDb page shows that she was "Wild's Out girl "on the show Wild's Out for an event broadcast in 2007. She was also featured in three programs of the show Playboy Shootout in 2010.

While Lisa "Thai" Coffey is introduced to the MTV audience as "Aubrey's ex" when she goes into the Ex on the beach it must be spent in a forthcoming program, there is much more to its story. She is a hard worker who wants to help others and love her Laois heritage.

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