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Original title: Hotline for girls | Cheng Yi COPY? Is Tan Songyun finished? Wu Lei’s new drama prediction? Huang Xuan’s mission drama professional? “Longing for Life” is ugly?

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Why do fans of Bangmei Chengyi and Luo Yunxi quarrel?I can’t understand

A: The main reason is that the white clothes in Cheng Yi’s new drama are said to have copied Luo Yunxi’s runny look. Of course, these people are not necessarily all Luo Yunxi fans, they may just provoke the relationship between fans on both sides. Yi and Luo Yunxi are both young students in the rising stage, and their representative characters are Xianxia drama characters, but in Xianxia dramas, the three styles of red, white, and black can never escape. The drama is over. There are quite a few images of teenagers in white clothes in the costume dramas starting from tvb. It can only be said that Cheng Yi’s “Lotus with Auspicious Patterns” has received too much attention. Recently, the crew will hold a supplementary opening ceremony. To broadcast “Agarwood like crumbs” alone, Cheng Yi’s discussion level this summer will not be too low.


Can you tell me more about Tan Songyun? When will the beauty come out for business!

answer:Tan Songyun is filming “The Way Back” in Beijing. It’s almost at the end, and it will be finished next month. Tan Songyun’s “Please Call Me Director” this year is not bad, and we can look forward to the follow-up two rounds of star broadcast. , Tan Songyun will join this season’s “Chinese Restaurant” as a resident guest after finishing the drama. Her relationship with Mango is really getting better and better.

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Bangmei is optimistic about “Stars and Han Splendid”?When will Wu Lei explode?

answer:The author of the original novel of “Bright Stars” is concerned about chaos, and everyone’s favorite “Knowing or Not” is also her original novel. This drama has released several versions of the preview, including the light and humorous part of the house fight, as well as the grand atmosphere. It’s still a bit difficult to shoot both kinds of drama well in one drama, I hope it’s not just the preview and the essence. Wu Lei will have a magazine cover of “superelle” next.


Does Bangmei have Huang Xuan’s melon? When are you going to make a movie again?

answer: The ratings and discussion of “Welcome” are not too high, and not every noon drama can have running water. To be honest, Huang Xuan can rely on “Shan Hai Qing” for another two years. He really It suits the theme of the main theme. Next, he will appear in one of the unit episodes of Hua Ce’s tribute drama “Our Ten Years”, which is about to start.


Does Bangmei feel that the life she yearns for is getting more and more ugly, and Peng Peng also has the burden of idols.

answer: “Longing for Life” has been on the air for so many seasons. The popularity is not bad for the same time period, but compared with the previous seasons, it has dropped a lot. The last time it caused discussion was Shen Shen. In this episode of Teng and Ma Li, Peng Yuchang still has a lot of passers-by fans in this variety show. Although he was ridiculed for being fat because of this variety show before, it is still worth it. The recording of this season is about to end. Peng Peng is about to join the new film “Paradise Tour Group”, which will start in Zhejiang at the end of the month.

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