List of 11 real football Revo League Cup 2022/23

A list of 11 real players on the field

United Muangthong :

  1. Patiwat Khammai (GK)
  2. Support Pinagata Pho
  3. Lucas Rocha
  4. Jasper Nyholm
  5. Phicha Uthra
  6. exclamation mark khana
  7. Teerapol scoffed
  8. Weerathep Pomphan
  9. William Popp
  10. Boonthawee Thepwong
  11. Eric Johanna

United Buriram :

  1. Siwarak Tedsungnoen(GK)
  2. Naruebodin Weerawatnodom
  3. Sasalak Haiprakhon
  4. Peeradon Chamrasamee
  5. Bunmathan Theerathon
  6. Goran Kaucic
  7. Suphanat Muanta
  8. Robin Zulaga
  9. Lonzana Dumbuya
  10. Dion Johan Chai is Cool
  11. Harris Vuchkic
  • list: Football Revo League Cup 2022/23
  • Competition games: Muangthong United VS Buriram United
  • Competition day/time: Wednesday, 25th January, 2023 7.00 pm
  • stadium: Thunder Dome Stadium

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