List of Top 100 Construction Companies with Fatal Accidents in the 2nd Quarter of ’22 Released – Press Release | Briefing Room | news

On the 22nd, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Minister Hee-ryong Won Won) released the list of the top 100 construction companies in the construction capacity evaluation, related subcontractors, ordering agencies, and local governments that had a fatality in construction accidents during the second quarter of ’22.

As a result of analyzing the statistics of the Construction Safety Management Comprehensive Information Network (CSI) by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, in the second quarter of ’22, a total of 44 people died in construction accidents.

Of these, 9 deaths occurred at the construction sites of the top 100 construction companies, which decreased by 5 (Δ35.7%) from 14 in the previous quarter and 11 (Δ55%) from 20 in the same period last year.

There were a total of 8 construction companies in the top 100 construction companies that suffered fatal accidents, and 2 people died, 1 at each of the 2 sites of SK Eco Plant.

Then, Daewoo E&C, Lotte E&C, DLC, Doosan E&C, Halla, CJ Logistics, and Kangsan E&C each suffered one death. In particular, DLC had three consecutive quarters of fatalities.

The subcontractors of the construction type where the fatal accident occurred were 8 companies, including SK Forestry, Dongheung Development, Nezon Tech, Kanggu Construction, Formatting Technology Development, Hyundai Aluminum, General Construction Gaon, and YBC Construction.

In the second quarter of ’22, there were 9 deaths in public construction and 35 in private construction. There are nine public construction agencies, and among them, fatal accidents occurred for two consecutive quarters at the construction site ordered by S.Grail.

In the second quarter of ’22, Hwaseong City had the highest number of fatal accidents in the private construction sector, with 3 fatalities.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport conducted an unscheduled inspection for three months from April to June of this year on 133 sites of large construction companies (7 companies) and related subcontractors (6 companies) where fatal accidents occurred in the first quarter of this year.

In particular, for some sites at Hyundai E&C where fatal accidents occurred for more than four consecutive quarters and HDC Hyundai Industrial Development where serious construction accidents occurred (5 Hyundai E&C, 4 HDC Hyundai Industrial Development sites), the inspection period was extended and additional manpower was put in. A detailed inspection was performed.

As a result of the inspection, a total of 245 cases of negligence were discovered, and in particular, 69 cases of negligence including 3 demerit points and 5 fines were discovered at 9 sites that had undergone detailed inspections.

Among them, in case of violation of laws, such as omission of quality test plan or improperly conducting quality test, objection procedures will be carried out, and penalties and fines will be dealt with.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport plans to conduct special inspections by September on large construction companies and related subcontractors that have suffered fatal accidents in the second quarter.

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