Listed price of 1.8 billion won, property tax of 810,000 won vs 21.59 million won… 26 car

The number of households in one household is also five times wider depending on age and holding deduction.

One house in the joint name of the couple is 1.87 million won for the couple.

Seoul city apartment seen from Namsan

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(Sejong = Yonhap News) Reporter Park Yong-ju = The government rejects the general real estate tax bomb theory with the logic that a single householder with an apartment valued at 2.6 billion won (announced price of 1.8 billion won) pays around 700,000 won this year. It is controversial.

It is a possible situation, but it is difficult to see it as a generalized case.

In fact, some people who own such a house pay more than 4 million won in estate tax. If the combined price of two houses is 1.8 billion won, it can exceed 20 million won.

◇ If you receive the maximum age/holding deduction, it will be around 800,000 won

According to the results of the real estate tax calculation service ‘Selleymon’ on the 29th, the real estate tax calculation service ‘Selleymon’ shows that the tax for a first-generation homeowner who owns a house with a market value of 2.6 billion won (announced 1.8 billion won) this year is at least 812,000 won.

This is a figure that can come out when the age and long-term ownership deduction, which is applied only to single owners of one house per household, is applied up to the maximum of 80%.

The current tax law is operated by deducting the tax amount by calculating the age and holding period after subtracting the basic deduction from the sum of the publicly announced prices of houses owned by a person.

In the case of the age deduction applicable only to the single owner of one house per household, 20% is applied to those aged 60 to 65, 30% to those aged 65 to 70, and 40% to those aged 70 or older. The long-term retention deduction is 20% for 5-10 years, 40% for 10-15 years, and 50% for 15 years or more. The combined limit of the two deductions is up to 80%.

(Provided by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance)

(Provided by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance)

In other words, if you are 65-70 years old and have held for 15 years or more, or 70 years old or older and have held 10 years or more, the maximum deduction of 80% can be applied.

As one of the cases in the explanatory data related to the property tax, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance listed this year’s property tax at 700,000 won for a house priced at 1.8 billion won. A 68-year-old family with 23 years.

Lee Ho-seung, head of the Blue House’s policy office, recently appeared on KBS Radio’s ‘Choi Kyung-young’s Strongest Current Affairs’ and remarked, “Even those who have owned an apartment worth between 2.5 billion won and 2.7 billion won for 12 years said that 720,000 won in tax was paid.”

There may be differences in the amount of the property tax depending on the circumstances of the individual, such as the rate of realization of the public announcement of the house, age, and holding period. is difficult to generalize.

◇ 1.87 million won for a married couple… 2 homeowners: 21.59 million won

For example, the situation is different for those who do not receive any age or retention deductions. For those under the age of 60 who own a house valued at 1.8 billion won and who have owned it for less than 5 years, the tax burden will rise to 4,061 won. This is five times more than the person who received the maximum age and retention deduction.

Including property tax, the property tax is around 10 million won.

Those who receive the 20% deduction will pay 3,249,000 won, the 40%, 2436,000 won, and the 60%, 1,624,000 won this year.

Cellimon simulation results

Cellimon simulation results

The property tax borne by a single homeowner who owns a house with an official price of 1.8 billion won in the name of a married couple (50-50 shares) is 1.867,000 won (couples combined) this year.

Considering that more expensive houses have more joint names, it is interpreted to mean that many of them are paying this amount, which is 2.3 times the 812,000 won, which is applied to the maximum age and possession deduction, under single names.

However, joint titles of married couples can apply for a change of title from this year if they determine that the age/holding deduction is advantageous.

Even if the combined official land price of each person is the same of 1.8 billion won, the tax on property taxes that must be borne by a two-family homeowner with one house in Seoul (announced land price of 1.4 billion won) and one house (official land price of 400 million won) in a region subject to adjustment will increase to 21.59 million won this year. fly

You have to pay 26 times the maximum amount of deduction (812,000 won).

Cellimon simulation results

Cellimon simulation results

◇ “It varies greatly depending on whether or not a joint name exists, age, and holding period”

The difference in the increase in the ownership tax burden between single- and multi-homeowners is due to the increase in the property tax rate and whether or not the baseline has been adjusted.

The government raised the property tax rate for single-family homeowners from 0.5 to 2.7 percent this year to 0.6 to 3.0 percent by 0.1 to 0.3 percentage points.

On the other hand, the tax rate for households with two or three or more houses in the area subject to adjustment nearly doubled by 0.6 to 2.8 percentage points from 0.6 to 3.2 percent to 1.2 to 6.0 percent.

The government considered multi-homeowners as de facto speculators and applied the principle of punitive taxation.

In the case of single-family homeowners, the tax base of the property tax was raised from 900 million won to 1.1 billion won, but the general taxation base applied to multi-homeowners remained at 600 million won.

Lee Seon-koo, CEO of Arti Wells, the operator of Cellimon, said, “Even if the published house price is the same, the tax burden varies greatly depending on whether it is a single or joint title, the age and holding period of the owner. must,” he said.

Raised the highest tax rate for property tax to 6.0% (PG)
Raised the highest tax rate for property tax to 6.0% (PG)

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