Listen: A Unique Silent and Black Shooting Game on Steam

Upcoming Game “Listen” on Steam Promises Unique Shooting Experience

Steam users are buzzing about the highly anticipated game “Listen” that is set to hit the platform soon. As its name suggests, this shooting game relies heavily on the sense of hearing. What sets it apart, however, is its unconventional approach: from the preview video to the preview pictures, every aspect is shrouded in silence and darkness.

Upon visiting the Steam store page for “Listen,” one cannot help but notice its intriguing lack of interface. A quick glance at the preview video and images reveals a pitch-black background with only the “Listen” logo, featuring an enlarged L, breaking the monotony.

But there is more to “Listen” than meets the eye. Despite the absence of any visible elements, this groundbreaking first-person shooter game promises an immersive experience where players must rely solely on their hearing to navigate a dark screen and locate and eliminate enemy units. It even offers the option for thrilling one-on-one battles with friends. Additionally, “Listen” boasts the potential to enhance players’ auditory skills and patience. Addressing any skepticism head-on, the explanation on the store page is adamant in its repetition of “No interface!” three times.

Although there may not be a visible interface, the game’s operating instructions mention the ability to customize various settings, such as “distance detection” and “detection,” through hotkeys. Furthermore, there are hints at the possibility of integrating external hardware to further enhance the gameplay experience.

Despite its innovative approach, “Listen” requires modest hardware specifications. Users with a Windows 10 operating system, Intel® Core ™ i3-12100 processor, 4GB of memory, and 2GB of available space should have no trouble running the game.

While the release date for “Listen” is still unknown, speculations run rampant. Is it merely an elaborate social experiment or a trailblazing new game mode? Only time will tell. In the meantime, eager gamers await the release of the test version with bated breath.

Visit the Steam store page for “Listen” to learn more.

Recently, I can see an upcoming game “Listen” on Steam. As the name suggests, it is a shooting game that relies on “hearing”. However, the most special thing is that from the preview video to the preview pictures, everything is silent and black. .

The Steam store preview of the game “Listening” without an interface shooting game is also completely black

There’s a reason why the game “Listening” is being noticed on Steam. First of all, from the preview video to the preview images, everything is silent and black. Only the thumb has a black background and the “Listen” LOGO with an enlarged L.

Just looking at the preview video and pictures, you may think that this is just a concept page, but the English presentation is quite serious. It means to be just like the meaning of “Listen”, like “no interface” first person shooter game, players must be together. In a dark screen, you can find and destroy enemy units with limited sound, and you can even fight one-on-one with friends. This game can also train your hearing and patience. As if anticipating the doubts everyone might have, the explanation also emphasized “No interface!” three times very serious.

Although there is no interface, the operating instructions state that you can set “distance detection”, “detection”, “transmit to beacon”, etc. via hotkeys. It seems there is also an opportunity to implement it with other hardware.

The hardware requirements are also quite low, Windows 10, Processor Intel® Core ™ i3-12100, 4 GB of memory, 2 GB of available space, and the minimum and recommended configurations are the same.

The Steam game “Listen” at the moment only shows that it will be launched soon, but I think most people think that this will be a long time Is “Listen” just a large-scale social experiment, or is it a new game mode that is at the forefront of the times? Let’s wait and see if the test version is released later.

Steam game “Listen” shop page

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