LISTEN NOW ADVICE: 5 drinks you should avoid if you suffer from high blood pressure

High blood pressure can be a dangerous condition that can lead to the development of serious diseases, and this is exactly the reason why you should check it regularly to avoid possible consequences. Avoiding certain habits is a good way to prevent and control blood pressure.

Ten risk factors that we can influence are: elevated blood pressure, physical inactivity, inadequate diet, excess body weight, smoking, alcohol consumption, atrial fibrillation, elevated blood fats, diabetes, depression and stress.

Hypertension is called the “silent killer” because it often has no obvious symptoms so it is considered a very insidious condition because people will not realize that it is necessary to work to lower the pressure values. If symptoms do occur, they include headache, fatigue, confusion, chest pain or tightness, vision changes, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, excessive sweating, pale skin or facial redness, and muscle tremors.

Hypertension is elevated blood pressure, which is defined as a systolic “upper” pressure value permanently higher than 140, or a diastolic “lower” blood pressure permanently higher than 90. “If you are wondering what to do with your blood pressure and how to lower it, these are 5 habits which are largely associated with hypertension,” says the cardiologist. Ph.D. Luke Laffan.

Which drinks are better to avoid?

If you have high blood pressure, it’s important to watch what you drink, just like what you eat. Here are the drinks to avoid:

1. Too much alcohol

If you suffer from high blood pressure, you may want to reduce your alcohol consumption, and according to the Mayo Clinic, more than three drinks a day can raise your blood pressure, and if you drink alcohol too often, changes can be permanent. According to research, consumption of seven or 13 alcoholic beverages per week is associated with increased blood pressure.

2. Sweetened drinks

According to nutritionists, such drinks, which are full of added sugar, can have a negative effect on blood pressure. “They can be dangerous for hypertension, so the advice to avoid such drinks is a good step. Most of them contain a lot of sugar, which can lead to the formation of bad cholesterol, thus increasing the risk of diabetes and heart disease,” says Dr. Edibel Quintero, nutritionist. Such drinks are associated with an increase in blood pressure, which can increase the risk of developing hypertension.

3. Energy drinks

And such drinks can have a bad effect on health, and increase the chances of developing hypertension, if they are drunk constantly. “Several studies have shown that they cause hypertension, and one of the reasons is the caffeine in energy drinks, which can raise blood pressure,” says nutritionist Lindsay Delk. He warns that they should never be combined with alcohol.

4. You skip the milk

It may sound strange to you, but milk is actually a great drink for blood pressure. “Research shows that the risk of high blood pressure increases if you don’t drink milk. Try to include it in your diet every day, at least 2 cups,” says Delk. Last year’s research showed that the consumption of milk with low fat content way to prevent hypertension in both men and women.

5. You drink too much coffee

And too much coffee can have a negative effect on health and hypertension. “Beverages containing caffeine, such as tea, coffee, energy drinks, can raise blood pressure. It’s not clear what happens, but studies show how caffeine can raise blood pressure. The effects are admittedly short-lived, which means that your blood pressure will rise quickly after you drink the coffee. This effect does not have to last long, it depends on several factors, such as how often you drink coffee and how much,” says Vincenza Zurlo, nutritionist.

If you are a coffee lover and have high blood pressure, you do not have to give up coffee completely, but be sure to talk to your doctor about it first, who will clarify whether it has a negative effect on your health.