Listen to Bella’s answer after being asked if she is cheated on what to do

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7 Dec 2021 17:03

Decided to reduce the status to only brothers who are good to each other. For the relationship of the superstar, Bella Ranee and Weir Sukolwat after the woman came out to admit it. that they broke up Along with telling you now, let’s focus on work and take care of mother as best as I can.

Recently, in the online world, there has been a clip that Bella had spoken through the 3 Saap program that aired on December 3, 2017, in which the MC asked if “If you encounter an incident of being cheated on by your lover Will you forgive your lover in real life like you do in the drama?”

Bella replied that “It’s hard to answer. Because it doesn’t depend on us alone. It also depends on the other person whether he feels remorse or not. Or did it for what reason exactly? But the truth shouldn’t If you don’t do it from the beginning, it’s better.”

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