“Lisu” is complete

Finally, Teerathep Winothai’s “Noo Lisu” or “Chao Saw” that we (Thai) football journalists are familiar with.

because he has a father who is a sports media veteran like “Pee Thep” Thepchai Winothai who has raised his beloved son.. since begging but leaving

ending his own footballer’s life as perfectly as possible last Sunday night at the age of 37

By leaving a penalty kick as a goal for the Police Tero team to win “Swat Cat” Nakhon Ratchasima 1-0

Inscribe the 96th goal on the Thai League stage, collecting 3 full points in the last game of the first leg. in front of the silver shield dragon pupils at Bunyachinda Stadium

The end of the legend of a great player known as one of the most colorful people in the history of Thai football.

The story of “Lisu” on the football path There are so many

Called to write the description in letters for all to read, it should be the “Pocket Book” edition of our bestseller!

Once, someone used to compare “Chao Saw” to “good durian” with both lovers. and hate in equal measure

Until the last day when the person has to say goodbye to the grass, stop playing really I think most football fans are scared.

because in reality everyone loved and bonded with him together!

with my intimacy and having known Makjee with the “Winothai” family since the parents’ generation..here she is

makes it enough to know the story behind the success in every stage of life “Lisu” with many adults Always patronizing and supporting yourself, never lacking

Was Mr. Brian Makar, president of Tero Sasana BEC Club

which opened the first door to becoming a professional footballer for Chao Saw. since the teenage years where he started with the famous team in Nong Chok

Until receiving the real Y’s nickname “Fire Dragon Prince”, a real voice

And still open arms to welcome “Lisa” back to return home at the end again causing him to come back to hang his shoes under the color of Tero’s shirt as if satisfied

The other person who can not forget Because it gives the opportunity to “Theerathep Winothai” to be named in the Thai national team for 17 years, which was set to go to the World Youth Cup. in New Zealand

That person is “Aunt Tik”, coach Somchat Yimsiri, who decided to bring the 14-year-old footballer to go to Kiwi.

In the middle of the rumors about “Dek Saen” that always float to the ears

But the great instructor who is a longshot doesn’t mind… Because I’m confident that “Thep” (the name Aunt Tik called Lisu all the time) This student loves it ..

He will certainly grow to be an important force for the national team in the future

The football grandmaster like “Aunt Tik” was not really wrong.

Since later, “Leesor” Teerathep has developed himself to become a full star in almost every set of the War Elephants team.. it can be said that

Another adult who has abundant merit for “Chao Saw”, many of you may not know yet.

but I assure you without this person We may not have seen “Lisu” rise to the shelf as a football legend like today.

That’s “Pee Wi” Rawi Lothong, the big boss of the Siam Sport kingdom. that everyone knows well

who is supportive Pushing and pushing in every way Giving young Lisu a chance to become a trainee in the Crystal Palace youth team in the British Isles

Make him nurture and learn how to be a “Professional Footballer” who is determined, dedicated and has a passion of more than a hundred horsepower. every time on the field Until it was always a habit

That is not enough when “Chao Saw” returns from his career with K Liese in the Belgian league.

“Pee Wi” again drew him to join Muang Thong United’s “Kirin Pong” army until he was able to successfully win the Thai League championship.

Coming to the most important person.. Behind Lisu in every life story Since I opened my eyes to see the world until today

which is impossible except Father Thepchai and Mother Meo Pornsomchit Winothai

who stood by his side, always waiting to be the “wind beneath the wings” of his beloved son.

The photo from the day says goodbye to the field where the legend “Number 14” bowed to whore at the feet of his parents. After the game is over

It is an impressive picture. That makes the last day of being a player of “Lisu” Teerathep Winothai

Completely finished…the most perfect kind, really!!!

– B Bangpakong –


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