Home Sports Lisu posted to encourage “Chao Sod”, pointing out that his best friend has done his best. Thai people know in their hearts.

Lisu posted to encourage “Chao Sod”, pointing out that his best friend has done his best. Thai people know in their hearts.

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Lisor Theerathep Winothai, the captain of Police Tero FC, posted a message to support Chatchaidecha Butdee, despite missing the Olympic medal, but his best friend of the same generation has done his best.

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Leesaw Theerathep Winothai, the captain of the team “Silver Shield Dragon” Police Tero FC came out to share the post. “Chao Sod” Chatchaidecha Butdee, Thai national fighter who just missed out on the last Olympic Games in his life Along with announcing farewell to the Thai national team after the end of the Tokyo Games 2020

by Chatchai Decha He posted a message on his personal Facebook page saying “It’s time to bid farewell to what I’ve been trying to do for my 16 years of service. My sports life has come to an end. After yesterday’s defeat by points, they are eliminated in the last eight in this Olympics.”

“First of all, I have to apologize to all Thai people. who can’t win medals back to all Thai people I’ve done my best. I have done the best I can. I tried my best.”

“Try as best as one person can, but cannot be a winner. The race is over Nothing to say lose, accept the verdict Congratulations to the winner and wish him luck in getting the gold medal back to his country.”

“My journey has come to an end, 16 years of service to the country. I am proud every time I have the Thai flag on my chest. up to fight with other nations up to make Thai people happy Go up and act proudly.”

“Hopefully, in the past 16 years, I will make everyone more or less happy. In the future, I will continue to support the younger generations.”

“Hello, Thai national team. I’m so tired Take a break and spend some time with your family. Next live will see me in another role. An athlete named Chatchaidecha Butdee has changed his duties. There is only fresh category. Call me. Fresh category “Hello”

“I would like to thank the International Boxing Association of Thailand. The president of the association, Mr. Pichai Chunhavachira, the technical chairman, Mr. Somchai Poolsawat, the secretary of the association. Lt. Gen. Chaiwat Chotima and Vice President of the Association Mr. Suchai Pornchaisak-Udom Thank you very much for always supporting me. that gave me the opportunity to be at this point and has made a name for the nation Thank you very much.”

“Another agency that I would like to thank is my home army I have to thank the Army thank you supervisor for always supporting me give me a stable career If there is no Army I didn’t have the opportunity to be here either. Thank you.”

“In the end, there’s nothing to be thankful for. I am every Thai sports fan. Thank you to everyone who has always supported me, always cheering, following, encouraging, happy, sad, with me every time I compete. I got encouragement from Thai sports fans. So I keep fighting until today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

After Theerathep Such a repost with a message of encouragement to fellow athletes of the Thai national team of the same generation that “Excellent, my friend. I did my best everyone sees everyone knows Proud of you my friend Everything that has been done is not in vain. You pay back the country’s merit. You go to war and show your potential to the world on behalf of Thai people all the time. Honor, reputation, success. I will be with you forever, my friend.”

For Theerathep Winothai is in training with Police Tero FC, the agency to prepare the football Toyota Thai League 2021, which is about to begin by August 7, Police Tech. Rho FC will officially launch a new fighting club for the new season.

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