Literary Review | “Reunion” is not a traffic password, works and values ​​are the foundation

Original title: Literary Review | “Reunion” is not a traffic password, works and values ​​are the foundation

Literary Review | “Reunion” is not a traffic password, works and values ​​are the foundation

“Happy Going Again” stills

Cover reporter Zhou Qin

The outdoor travel experience reality show “Let’s Go Again” has been updated to the fourth issue, and it has made everyone’s tears. On a beach in Xiangshan, the sun is just right and the sea breeze is slightly drunk. Chen Chusheng, Lu Rover, Su Xing, Wang Lixin, Wang Zhengliang, and Zhang Yuan are six “0713” fast men, frizzy doing some things that were rarely done before: games, games, etc. Camping, singing, singing, moving to tears… Many frames hit the hearts of everyone. More than halfway through the show, many people who had previously worried about whether this show would have “consumption feelings” can let go of this stone in their hearts.

“Wulin Gaiden” crew reunite

The reunion of classic dramas, the reorganization of screen CPs, the same frame of old friends after many years… It is common for mainland variety shows to play the emotional card. It is the most common “reunion” in current variety shows. It is to reunite the main creators of classic film and television dramas or CPs of film and television dramas in the show, and create topics for the show through “memory killing”. For example, “Ace vs. Ace”, which played the reunion well, provided the stage for the reunion of many classic film and television works such as “The Legend of the New White Snake”, “Wulin Biography”, “Love Apartment” and “Dragon Babu”.

“Huanzhugege” crew reunited

The reunion program has indeed aroused the “feelings” of many viewers, but there are more and more similar programs, how can the audience feel fresh, and how can the reunion not fall into the rut of selling feelings? It’s a question that program producers need to think about. For example, the crew of “Huanzhugege” have reunited in variety shows such as “Ace Vs Ace”, “Sound Immersive”, “Actors in Place” and “Happy Trio”. But more than 20 years later, the characters in the play are in different situations. For the effect of the show, everyone gets together again and again. Is it more emotional or more embarrassing?

The hit of “Welcome to the Mushroom House” made “0713”‘s new program “Let’s Go Again” a reality. Before the show starts, many people will also have concerns. Will the show be both funny and not embarrassing? If the brothers just reminisce and talk about the past, they will be exhausted. How to make the show continue to generate new blood and make the show a sustainable IP?

Judging from the four episodes of the program that have been broadcast so far, an efficient way has been found between the program owner and the artist in the process of running in. Guessing lyrics, chatting, and songwriting, which had a good response in the broadcast of “Mushroom House”, have been continued, and the stimulation of the environment such as survival on a deserted island has been added. For example, when they had a dinner party after earning money, everyone felt that they were already a very lucky group. “Compared to the suffering of many people, our so-called suffering is not worth mentioning at all.” This remark also made The six people were praised for being transparent and upright.

“Mushroom House” made the song “Deserved” out of the circle, and the works precipitated in the journey of “Happy Restart” have yet to be revealed. But what is certain is that the reunion is not the life-saving straw of the show, and the memory killing may also kill the memory. The classic reunion is not a traffic code, and the works of Sanguan Zhenghe are an important foundation for artists to win the audience’s love. This may be a direction that many variety shows and artists can learn from and think about.Return to Sohu, see more


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