Lithuania blocks Russian freight train… Tensions rise in the Baltic Sea



During this war, Lithuania, one of the three Baltic countries, is drawing attention.

Lithuania, which was part of the former Soviet Union, has a particularly strong anti-Russian sentiment.

This time, it put a brake on freight transport to Russia via its own country, and Russia strongly opposed it.

Tensions are escalating on the Baltic coast.

Reporter Ji-seon Kim reports.


Lithuania, one of the NATO member states, is a country belonging to the Baltic States and is geographically closest to Russia.

Lithuania notified the Russian railway authorities of Kaliningrad Province that goods subject to EU sanctions could not pass through the country from 00:00 on the 18th.

Restricted items include coal, steel, construction materials and high-tech products, which account for nearly half of cargo transit through Lithuania.

Kaliningrad is an offshore territory not connected by land with mainland Russia, and is isolated from the EU member states Lithuania and Poland on all sides.

In particular, Kaliningrad is a huge floating port base for the Russian Navy and is also a place where the Iskander missile launchers are concentrated.

Russia immediately protested by summoning its ambassador to the country, calling it a ‘provocation in violation of its obligations under international law’, and threatened not to let it go unless it was restored immediately.

“Relevant measures are being considered in an inter-ministerial body and will be adopted soon. The results will have a serious and negative impact on the people of Lithuania.”

Lithuania’s position is that it is only in accordance with EU directives, not independent sanctions.

The United States sided with Lithuania and reaffirmed its commitment to defending NATO members in case of emergency.

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“We will live up to our promises to NATO, especially in regards to ‘NATO Article 5’, the collective defense regulation. Lithuania is a reliable partner.”

In fact, the Baltic States have been predicted as a place where Russia is most likely to advance if the war in Ukraine escalates.

Tensions are escalating along the Baltic Sea as Lithuania’s cargo restrictions following Sweden and Finland’s push to join NATO.

This is Yonhap News TV Kim Ji-sun.

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