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Karina “My older sister, I don’t tell you about my identity at work”
Excessive interest in celebrity family
The poisoned chalice, accusations groundless

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Interest in stars leads to their families. Some people are reluctant to be noticed, some enjoy attention. You can often see brothers and sisters and celebrities appearing on TV. It is a card that can show the human side of celebrities. However, appearing with family is a double-edged sword. As much attention is paid to, even the smallest actions are criticized.

Espa Karina mentioned her real sister. Karina appeared on the MBC entertainment program ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’, which was broadcast on the 9th. Karina, born in 2000. When one of the staff asked, ‘How does she know Tamagotchi?’, she said, “She inherited (Tamagotchi) from her sister.”

Then, “I miss you when you talk about my sister,” he said. “I don’t know yet that I’m a younger sister at work. My sister didn’t tell me that I was a younger sister, so it’s a secret.”

Karina’s older sister is known as a nurse at the hospital. The situation in which her attention to Karina is increasing day by day. It is natural to wonder about his older sister.

It has been a long time since the distance between celebrities and fans has been broken. It is a world where people communicate more closely through numerous observational entertainment shows and personal YouTube channels. There are more channels to appeal for intimacy, but every word you say and every action becomes more cautious.

The same goes for family reveals. Because of this, the majority of celebrity families who appear on TV or hide their identities. Singer IU’s younger brother is a prime example. In a broadcast last year, IU said, “He’s a friend who lived his whole life keeping his younger sister a secret. He said he only talked to 4 or 5 people he was really close to. They said that he still keeps secrets well even in the military.”

The nickname IU’s younger brother must have been burdensome. Although IU’s remarks revealed a secret she had been keeping well, it shows the worries of ordinary people who have celebrity families.

Celebrities’ families are ordinary people. Unwanted concentration and attention. This is why unintentional rumors, etc., hide their identity. Appropriate level of criticism will be medicine, but baseless accusations cannot be said to be the standard of common sense. It is only celebrities, not ordinary families, who are making money from fame.

Reporter Jun-ho Yoon, Tenasia

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