Home Entertainment Little Thanaphon posted a cork! After New New’s waist bounced, he asked to quit because he went back to sit in front of the refrigerator. Drama on IG

Little Thanaphon posted a cork! After New New’s waist bounced, he asked to quit because he went back to sit in front of the refrigerator. Drama on IG

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Little Thanaphon has moved! After New New Waist Deng posted announcing the termination. Even though I still love you, I can’t take care of you The reason is because the man returned to sit in front of the refrigerator. who used to sit for a year

by the latest Little Thanaphon Has come out to post a picture of catching buffalo horns With the caption, “I believe that everyone has the knowledge and ability to reflect on what’s true or what’s false, probably better than me. Personally, I’m lucky to have a warm family. And lovely, we are taught to look at the world positively, to help others without expecting anything in return. From this incident reminded me of a story. Can anyone guess that? What story am I talking about?”

After such a post, there were fans who came to comment. Both encouraging young people And many people believe that New New is the person who really loves the young man, so they cheer for the couple to reconcile. Including comments to blame the young man’s post as well.



for posting announcements of termination New New Waist Deng which has been posted previously and deleted, it means

“Today, New New has to apologize to the parents of P’Tle and FC P’Tel. that is entrusted to New New to take care of him New New can only do this much, really New New had talked to P’Tle almost a year ago that he refused to go out at all. I have been sitting in front of the refrigerator for years. New New told P’Tel that Shall we hold hands together? I don’t want to see you have to live like this. If one day I’m not okay You can come back here. I will send you. (In front of the refrigerator that you’ve been sitting on for years)”

“You know, before COVID, we traveled almost everywhere. I’m trying to get him back to normal. living a normal life There can be times when it’s very difficult. that you must use understanding and equanimity to live with the disease that you are I have been watching over you and observing your condition all the time. The day I entered the hospital, I almost died. I thought that if you died, I wouldn’t be able to live until you stopped drinking. Taking medicines to treat mental and physical ailments bipolar, depression, toxic people I’m glad you’re getting better and better. We took each other to do this and that together. to be like a normal person”

“I think we’re very happy. You’ve never disappointed me. You take care of me like you’ve never done before. I’m happy, you know? Rats need to observe the symptoms of the disease. and use patience with sometimes when the disease relapses which I may not know (But I’m never mad at you)”

“Until today, the day I came to see you sitting unconscious in front of the refrigerator, sad, and I still love and wish you the best. and still want to stay and take care of me until old age I confirmed the original statement. You turn around and you’ll see me right here. May you be happy in front of your refrigerator. I’m so angry that I’m drunk again. take care of yourself love yourself Don’t take a lot of medicine Get out of the house and meet some people to live with. Love you.”



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