Little tips, little things you should know before traveling abroad

1. Japan
Tipping is normal in Japan. Means to be contemptuous. In all cases Even if friends give it Employees will run to return the money to us. except for special occasions For example, weddings, funerals will put money in a separate envelope. as a sign of gratitude

2. China
Usually, large restaurants in China have menus in two languages, and menus for foreigners in English are already listed at higher prices than menus in foreign languages. So it can be normal not to tip. But tipping the tour driver guide And porters in hotels are unacceptable in China.

3. Singapore
Tipping is not considered a normal way of life for Singaporeans. because there is already a 10% service charge on the bill

4. Argentina
Tipping is against the law. Under the 2004 labor law, waiters still expect a small tip. In practice, there are still people who give a small tip.

5. United States
Tipping is a common practice in the United States. Americans always pay a 15 percent tip, regardless of the service they receive, because it helps people on low incomes. Including taxis, there is also tipping.
But for Thailand, the standard tip price The total tip is generally 20% for excellent service, 15% for good service, and 10% for not so bad service. And he can add a separate tip of 5-10% to the staff who look after us especially. But with some restaurants, there may be Self Service, we have to serve ourselves, starting from writing bills, ordering food, sharing, finding drinks ourselves. Or in some places we have to collect the meals after finishing eating. So we don’t need to give hints yet.

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