Liu Weiwei: You can’t relax your requirements just because the outside world praises Yu Jiahao

Original title: Liu Weiwei: You cannot relax your demands just because the outside world praises Yu Jiahao

At 19:35 on the evening of December 27, Beijing time, in the last game of the 14th round of the 2021-2022 CBA regular season, Zhejiang eventually defeated Xinjiang 107-102. Xinjiang suffered a five-game losing streak.

Zhejiang coach Liu Weiwei said: “The start and the end were not very good, and there were too many mistakes. Thanks to the players, and the players in the lounge said that this game is of great significance. The father of our assistant coach Wang Shilong is an older generation of basketball workers. He hasn’t eaten for more than ten days after he fell ill. He has a wish to see the Zhejiang team’s game. This game can be won. On behalf of Director Wang, I thank everyone for allowing his father to see the Zhejiang team win.”

Regarding being caught up to the score by the opponent in the fourth quarter, Liu Weiwei said: “It’s a ten-point lead. It’s too relaxing. The Xinjiang team uses the whole court to defend. It’s not how strong their defense is, but because everyone is not focused enough and many unnecessary mistakes. Everyone. When there is no one (defending), pass the ball incorrectly. Go back and summarize more.”

The Zhejiang team’s potential center Yu Jiahao averaged 26 minutes per game in this season and only played 5 minutes in this game. Liu Weiwei said: “Teams need to compete. I told him that you have to use your advantage. Your opponent’s free throws can miss your rebounds. It’s not you. A talented team must train you. You can’t relax the requirements of yourself because of the praise from the outside world. For example, Xinjiang No. 34 (Aizmati) is in bad condition, but he dares to play and dare to grab. And he has to adapt to the whole team. , The team cannot adapt to him. Yu Jiahao should do more.”Return to Sohu to see more


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