“LIVE A LIVE” Announces “Original Chapter” and “Kung Fu Chapter” Summary and Short Promotional Video “LIVE A LIVE”

Produced by SQUARE ENIX, the role-playing game “LIVE A LIVE” scheduled to be launched on Nintendo Switch on July 22 (Friday), today (4/13) revealed the storyline, characters and characters of “Original” and “Kung Fu”. System overview, and a short promotional video.

“LIVE A LIVE” Original Short Promo Video

Focusing on the original chapter of one of many stories, this film introduces the story of the protagonist “Pogo” (CV. Eimi Ogata). The boy “Pogo” lives in an era of no language. He encounters a mysterious girl “Belle” (CV. Takamori Natsumi) and gets involved in a dispute with another tribe.

Living in an age without language

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    Main vision: Rina Yoshiura

The original chapter is a story that took place in a time without language.

In this day and age, people communicate through body language.

The boy “Pogo” met the mysterious girl “Bei Er”.

And got involved in a dispute with another tribe.

Humans still have a keen sense of smell,

And it is good at finding prey or predicting danger by smelling its scent.

To make weapons and armors required for hunting, it is also to collect materials from the prey,

Synthesize by yourself.

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    The story begins when the mysterious girl “Belle” escapes into the settlement where Pogo lives. Pogo fell in love with her, breaking the rules of not being able to communicate with other tribes…

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    The story begins when the mysterious girl “Belle” escapes into the settlement where Pogo lives. Pogo fell in love with her, breaking the rules of not being able to communicate with other tribes…

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    Pogo was able to take full advantage of the keen sense of smell possessed by humans in this era,
    Find prey by smell in the vast wilderness.

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    If you win the battle with your prey, you can get a variety of loot.

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    The sense of smell is also very effective in finding a target person.

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    If you want to avoid combat, you can rely on smell to avoid prey.
    Since the scent of prey is always in the air, actively sniff it.

“Tool synthesizer”

In Pogo’s residence, there is a “props synthesis house” where you can create new props by combining two kinds of material props.

Some powerful weapons and armors can only be made here, let’s try to combine various props.

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    Win the battle first and collect the items dropped by the enemy.
    There are various props in the wilderness.

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    Select the props to be combined in the props synthesis room.

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    Wait for the result of the synthesis. Try to synthesize various props and challenge to make powerful equipment!
    Combining “Beast Horn” and “Fur” can make the armor “Beast Hat”, and “Beast Horn” and “Stick” can make the weapon “Thorn Spear”.

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    Weapons made with equipment can not only improve the ability value,
    And among them are weapons that can be attacked or healed in battle.

Pogo CV: Megumi Ogata

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A boy who lived in primitive times with his fellow gorilla.

He was raised by stern elders, and when he was old enough to be allowed to hunt…

She fell in love with “Bei Er”, a girl from a different tribe who escaped to the village.

Pogo decides to help her by breaking the rules that prohibit communication between different tribes.

And fight with the cool tribe who came to retake “Belle”.

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    Rokuro CV: Hiroki Yasumoto
    Pogo’s good partner, the two grew up together like brothers. Often annoys Pogo for his rude behavior.
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    belle CV: Natsumi Takamori
    A girl from a different tribe “Kuzu” escaped to the settlement where Pogo was. He managed to escape when he was about to be sacrificed due to tribal customs. After meeting Pogo, they act together.
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    Zach CV: Ryo Horikawa
    The battle captain of the “Chu” and Pogo live in a different settlement. In order to take back the “Bei Er” who was supposed to be sacrificed, he led his troops in pursuit. He always likes to pull up his long hair, and is a pretentious man.

“LIVE A LIVE” Kung Fu Short Promotional Video

This video focuses on the Kung Fu chapter, one of many stories, and introduces the story of the protagonist “Master Shinyama Fist” (CV. Hiroya Ishimaru). Since there is no successor, “Xinshan Boxing” is about to be lost. As the only successor of Xinshan Boxing, he got to know three disciples, and in order to teach the boxing method, he took the disciples to practice continuously.

Cultivate apprentices and inherit boxing skills

Kung Fu Chapter – Inheritance –

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    Main vision: Rina Yoshiura

At a certain time in China, there was an old warrior on a high mountain called Dazhi Mountain.

Since there is no successor, the boxing method “Xinshan Quan” is about to be lost.

One day, Master decided to find a descendant and went down the mountain.

After finding 3 disciples, he took them to practice daily.

Which apprentice will be qualified to inherit the martial arts?

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    Masters who meet young people discover each person’s personality and invite them to become disciples.

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    3 disciples practising at the master’s dojo. Follow Master to learn the correct attitude and use of strength when practicing “Xinshan Boxing”.


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  • Players will play the role of a master and take their apprentices to practice[Physical Strength][Speed]and[Strength]respectively.
    Each practice will be carried out 4 times separately, which can further enhance the abilities already possessed by the disciples and make up for their weaknesses.

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    After the disciples practice, they will learn moves as their level increases.learned moves
    It varies from apprentice to apprentice, and as the apprentice grows, it gradually shows its own personality.

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    During the interval of practice, one can see the unexpected side of the disciples.

Heart Mountain Boxing Master CV: Hiroya Ishimaru

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An elderly warrior practicing in the mountains of China, he is the only user of “Xinshan Fist”.

Realizing that his body was gradually weakening, he decided to go down the mountain to find a descendant.

Contrary to Shen Wen’s appearance, he has a strong fighting spirit comparable to that of young people.

Nurture disciples with both rigidity and softness.

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    Yuanjing CV: Hiro Shimono
    A cowardly and kind boy. At the mercy of King Sun Tzu, he acted as a pickpocket in Wo’en Village, but taking the opportunity of stealing Master’s wallet, he mustered up the courage to rebel against King Sun Tzu. Master saw his possibility in his attitude of disregarding the difference in strength and striving to live an upright and upright life.
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    thunder fog CV: Reina Ueda
    The female thief met in the bamboo forest. She attacked her master but was attacked instead, so she decided to worship him as her teacher. She was as light as a swallow and was the fastest among the disciples. Probably because he was raised as a thief since childhood, he has a tough personality and a rough tone.
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    Humbajie CV: Yu Mizushima
    After eating Bawang’s meal in Yunfa’s restaurant and running away, he is caught by the master and decides to change for the better. He has a huge body that is different from ordinary people, but his movements are very neat, so he is appreciated by the master, so he started to become a disciple. All actions are for food, and in order to eat, one can endure any hard training.


A boxing group with a large dojo in the outskirts of the village.

Pursue true power, and continue to carry out strict training.

Because of something, he became enemies with Master and others.

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  • Li Aodi CV: Takahiro Sakurai
    The commander-in-chief of the Yi Po Men regiment. An aloof man who leads 12 cadres, but does not reveal his weakness to anyone. He does not need the trust of his peers, and has a ruthless heart that blindly pursues power.
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    twelve cadres
    A cadre of the Yi Po Men regiment who obeyed Li Ao Emperor because of his fear of him. If you want to fight against Emperor Li Ao, you must first defeat them all.

BATTLE -Checkerboard Battle-

This game uses a battle system called “chessboard battle”, which is a turn-based command battle on a grid.

Type and range of moves

Characters have various types of moves.

Such as single-target/area attack, healing, counterattack, etc.

The moves that become the main axis will vary by scenario and team.

Making the most of each character’s characteristics is the key to victory.

In addition, we have close-range moves and long-range moves,

Therefore, it is necessary to measure the effective range of each move when walking.

It is also important to consider the range of the enemy’s attack.

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    Area attacks are very effective when there are many enemies and it is difficult to move.

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    A long-range move is a move that can be activated while keeping a distance from the enemy
    Convenient move. For enemies who are good at melee combat, keep your distance and strike first.

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    Healing moves can treat abnormal conditions, and can also improve their abilities.

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    A counter move is a move that is automatically activated for a specific attack.
    So deliberately being attacked by the enemy is also an option.


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    Queue is an important factor in determining the character’s position and sequence of actions at the start of a battle. Consider the queue in terms of the role of each role.

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    Think about your own strategy, such as placing defensive characters in areas that are vulnerable to enemies
    The front line of an attack, or set a character who can use ranged moves as a defender, etc.

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    There is a move that can change the direction of the enemy.If used properly, it can completely block the enemy
    s attack. You can also deal more damage to enemies by attacking from behind.

special area

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    When using certain attribute moves, a special area will be formed.
    There are four types of poison, water, fire and electric shock, which are used according to the weakness of the enemy.
    There are also equipment that can absorb special area effects.

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    Some enemies are hard to deal damage outside of special areas.

Product information

  • Game name: LIVE A LIVE

  • Supported platform: Nintendo Switch

  • Game Type: RPG

  • Release Date: July 22, 2022 (Friday)

  • Suggested selling price: Please contact each regional store.

  • Supported languages: Voice: Japanese, English / Subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, English

© 1994, 2022 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. CHARACTER DESIGN © 1994, 2022 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. © 1994, SHOGAKUKAN Inc. Gosho Aoyama, Yoshihide Fujiwara, Osamu Ishiwata, Yoshinori Kobayashi, Ryouji Minagawa, Kazuhiko Shimamoto, Yumi Tamura


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