Live broadcast of the Nations League Women’s Volleyball 2022 today, “Thai national team” meets South Korea.

keep following for Women’s Volleyball Live Program “Volleyball Nations League 2022(FIVB Volleyball Women’s Nations League 2022) 29 June 2022 by Thai national team Going on the field in the 3rd week to meet South Korea 8:45 p.m. Competition in Sofia Bulgaria live broadcast on channel GMM25 or watch online (click here)

From the statistics of the team meeting women’s volleyballThai national team” with South Korea Only the Nations League has met 3 times.

  • 2018 The Thai national team lost 1-3 sets to South Korea at Nakhon Ratchasima.
  • year 2019 The Thai national team defeated South Korea 3-1 in Macau.
  • year 2021 The Thai national team lost 1-3 sets to South Korea at Rimini, Italy.

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by race results women’s volleyballVolleyball Nations League 2022(FIVB Volleyball Women’s Nations League 2022) Throughout the past 8 matches, athletes women’s volleyballThai national team“Can still do a great job. In the first week, won 3 Bulgaria, Serbia, China and lost 1 Belgium, accumulated 8 points, followed by the second week, won 1 Canada and lost 3 Poland, Japan, the United States, accumulated 12 points, placed 8th in the table.

for south korea national team In the Volleyball Nations League 2022, they did not perform well, losing 8 matches in a row, ranking 16th in the table.

Live broadcast of the competition “Volleyball Nations League 2022” are as follows

Week 3

– Date 29 June 2022

Time 20.45 Thai national team Meet South Korea (live broadcast on channel GMM25)

– Date 30 June 2022

Time 17.15 The Thai national team meets Dominican (live broadcast on channel GMM25)

– Date 2 July 2022

Time 20.15 Brazil meets the Thai national team (live broadcast on Channel ONE31)

– Date 3 July 2022

8:15 p.m. Thai national team meets Italy (live on Channel ONE31)

while the latest world rankings According to the website of International Volleyball Federationwomen’s volleyballThai national team It is ranked 14th in the world with 205 points, while the top five are ranked first in the United States with 393 points, 2.Brazil 370 points, 3.China 338 points, 4.Turkey 330 points and 5.Italy 329 points.

For the viewing channel “Volleyball Nations League 2022” besides Thai volleyball fans Will be able to watch live via Channel ONE 31 and Channel GMM25, and can also watch via online channels as well But there is a fee to visit.

  • View online with a copyrighted website. only
  • Watch via the Volleyball TV app.

to see Live Volleyball Nations League 2022 and other volleyball events throughout the year But you have to register, apply and pay a membership fee. to watch, which has both monthly and yearly

This is because the broadcast rights for both Channel ONE 31 and GMM25 have the rights to broadcast Thailand’s live on TV only. therefore unable to watch online in all channels

Thank you for the photo from : Volleyball Association of Thailand

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