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[Epoch Times December 30, 2021]In order to welcome the 2022 New Year, The Epoch Times and NTD will jointly broadcast the New Year’s Eve countdown and fireworks shows from all over the world. We will broadcast live here in cities such as Auckland, New Zealand (New Zealand), Sydney (Sydney), Taiwan, Taipei, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Thailand, Dubai (Dubai), etc., so that the audience can see the grand occasion of celebrating the New Year in various countries.

2020 and 2021 will be a difficult year. Thank the frontline anti-epidemic personnel, the people for mutual help, and the family members for their support and company. There are many things to be thankful for…The coming year will still have to fight the invisible enemy, but as long as each of us People who are grateful, convey goodness and choose justice will surely be able to tide over the difficulties together and face the bright tomorrow.

2022 New Year’s Eve Fireworks Show Taiwan time New York time
New Zealand (New Zealand) Auckland 18:50 5:50
Sydney, Australia (Sydney) 20:50 7:50
Taipei, Taiwan 23:50 10:50
Hong Kong (replay) 23:50 10:50
Bangkok, Thailand 0:50 11:50
Dubai (Dubai) 3:50 14:50
Moscow, Russia 4:50 15:50
Athens, Greece 5:50 16:50
Cairo, Egypt (replay) 5:50 16:50
Rio Brazil 10:50 21:50
New York, USA 12:50 23:50

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