Live record! After two years, the first player day of Tokyo Game Show 2022, see the status of the crowd | 4 Gamers

On September 17, Typhoon No. 14 gradually approached Kyushu. The weather was sultry and sunny, and the temperature around the Makuhari Exhibition Center was 31 degrees. Today marks the first time Tokyo Game Show reopens to the public after 2 years since then. the epidemic began in 2020. Gamer Day.

The most curious thing should be… In the midst of the epidemic, how many people will be at Gamer Day at Tokyo Game Show 2022, which has been over for 2 years? How is it worse than before.

Quick summary:There are a lot of people, but it’s still worse than before.

The crowd around the venue at 9:30 in the morning before entering the venue.

In the past, the number of people who could go around the exhibition hall around 8:00 am has shrunk significantly this year. In addition to the fact that local Japanese players cannot come due to the epidemic, it is also clear that a large number of pilgrims from all over the world are missing.

only! There are fewer crowds, which does not mean that those who organize stalls and buy things can take their time. There is still competition.




In the morning, get all the coupons and rush to the sales area first. Take advantage of the few people at the opening time, and buy things first.

Each year, the SQEX booths are divided into music and the surrounding areas. This year is no exception. The surrounding booths are designed with a double-sided design, with a photo area at the front and a checkout area at the back. There is no need to take pictures and check everything together like before.




The SQEX music stand was packed early in the morning.

Kojima Production uses online ordering, chooses the pick up time, and waits for the notification to be ready, or just go when the time is up. The advantage is that there is less time to wait in line, the disadvantage is that you don’t have to be there when you place an order, as long as you are there where when you pick up the goods, so you can only get it early in the morning.


buy buy buy!

Line up!

The booth is like this.

Although there are sorted tickets, there are still stalls that have to be settled by queuing, so after buying, start the test game quickly.

This year’s popular projects, Capcom has paired with the latest VR content PS VR2 “Evil Castle 8”, “Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn” new content; SEGA “Sonic Unknown Frontier”, “Dragon Among Men”; Square Enix “Forspoken”, “Crisis Core-FFVII-REUNION”, as well as “Legend of Heroes Li’s Trail II-Crimson Original Sin-“…etc.



Meta Quest, Steam Deck, and some mobile games are also very popular; basically, if you don’t rush in the first time, you will have to wait about 2 hours for the more popular projects. Because Steam Deck offers 150 demo machines at a time, the waiting time is relatively short.

This year, the crowd at the museum is the biggest difference from the past.

This is also the wave with the most crowds at midday. In the past, the central road on Players’ Day was so crowded that it was impossible to move an inch; although there were many crowds this year, it was possible to move forward slowly.

Soon many of the players who visited the exhibition changed into T-Shirts bought from the dealers, and many people dressed up and wore their properties on their bodies.There are also couples holding hands to visit the exhibitionI can’t help but feel that everyone has been suffocated in the last two years.

From the booth map below, it’s not hard to spot another trend (?). The momentum of traditional large-scale manufacturers has not diminished, but the structure of the booth is much simpler than before, The most obvious are the booths of Capcom and Square Enix.

SEGA, which used to be simplified in the past, carried its own old signature Sonic character inflatable balloon on a large scale this year. ATLUS has three “Persona” statues and a large ring of display screens in the KONAMI booth. In addition to the activity matching stage, advertising, and The most popular 3D display advertising these days.

There is also a relatively different place. In the past, the booth with demo + stage was standard. This year, it is clearly dominated by demo and supplemented by the stage Relatively few scale stage locations large with full effects sound and lighting in the past (or switch to live online broadcast). , Capcom set up a corner of the booth where you can watch the live broadcast).










This is the independent game area, which has always been a good place for treasure hunting and communication.


It was noon.

Compared to the previous dining area, it either stood up or used an indoor performance venue, dining booths were placed on the floor, and the seating on the second floor was used as a dining area. This year, it was changed to an outdoor food stall, and a food area was established with one-way seating to reduce the risk of infection due to food reversal.

It was very hot at midday, and during peak hours, the stalls queued for at least an hour to take off. It cannot be said that everyone worked hard to replenish their physical strength.



There should be players familiar with this one! ? Next to the stall near the main entrance and exit of the museum, you can buy rice, noodles, meals and drinks; this one is still there, but the curry rice is gone… Then let’s order some fried noodles.


In the past two years, VTuber has become popular at a high speed. This year, VTuber’s cooperation and promotion activities have begun to attract attention.


Every year there is a wonder (?) A monster energy drink booth is full of people, this year is not easy…


Discord came to the Tokyo Game Show this year, and opened up a recruiting force for everyone to post their own channel promotions…. Then I saw the mobile Discord mascot for the first time. The whole body seems to look like this (huh).


Because there is no cosplay area this year, and because of the epidemic situation, you must wear a mask to enter the venue. When there was no cosplay area in the early days, the lobby areas of the cosplay halls would be crowded. This year, only pedestrians are left.


One of the signs of players’ day is no less than this year. If you come across a popular cosplayer and are invited to help, the crowd will double.


Ready to go home, familiar stairs, familiar sights.


This is Tokyo Game Show 2022, and this year’s main theme is “the game never stops!”.

Keep going…waiting for tomorrow when everyone can come and play together.


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