Live shooting for 17 pairs! A preview of the Premier League week 30 overview and standings

Look at the fight program and situation of Week 30 of the Premier League to go to war this week

Premier League Football 2022/23 to fight against each other this week It’s the 30th week of the competition, in the last weekend I have to say that there were many games that came out beyond expectation, with 2 teams winning the championship like the Blue Sailboat and the Artillery, having destroyed opponents like the Reds and Yung Thong with a score of 4-1 as well, but the most shocking game It is inevitable that the Blues will fall again in terms of form. After losing at home to Sing Phayong 0-2

of the competition results It makes various situations in the score table multiply more fun and fierce every second. Let it be a group to win the championship, taking the top four fields. Or escape relegation, so let’s look at the competition programme. and the position of each team along the way What will happen during this week? In these there will be up to 17 games in a row.

Monday evening April 3, 2023

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Saturday April 8, 2023

Sunday, April 9, 2023

for this week Premier League football fans will be able to watch 17 games to their heart’s content, starting with one game on Monday night, followed by six midweek games, four of which take place on Tuesday night, and 2 on Wednesday night and 10 weekend matches, split into 8 pairs on Saturdays and 2 pairs on Sundays

Let’s start with a late match this Monday night at 2:00 AM, which will be a meeting between Everton which has not lost 3 games in a row, although it is still in the group at the bottom of the table Rubbish recently released Antonio Conte retired and chasing the top four. “Ball changing coach” Will it be rampant or not? Fans will have to wait and see together.

Next comes the residual pair game program. Tuesday night there will be 4 games, but the pair “Big Big Game” It’s impossible to be a couple other than that game Chelsea The 11th team will play at home against Liverpool The 8th team after the two had just lost too. In this game, which team will be able to call back well first? Must wait to follow without blinking at 2:00 am

Then on Wednesday night there will be two more games, with highlights on the field. Old Trafford at 2:00 am, when giants like Manchester United will fight with Brentford The seventh placed team who played against the Seagulls recently drew an entertaining 3-3, which is another game the Red Devils will have to face against a team hoping to win tickets. UEFA Champions League As well as being a great chance to get revenge after being beaten by the bees 4-0 in the second game of the season as well so they definitely won’t be lost

continue withweekend match which will enter the field on Saturday for up to 8 pairs, with the first pair starting at 6:30 pm Manchester United who just entered the field on Wednesday night He will be able to play at home continuously welcome a visit from Everton which brought a duel with the golden trigger chicken on Monday night

At 9:00 pm, there will be 6 pairs of games, with interesting pairings probably in the games of the 2 big teams in London. Chelsea who have just finished a heavy battle with the Reds attacking to visit Wolverhampton part Tottenham Hotspur opens the house showdown with Brighton The teams in sixth place compete directly for the top four places.

While the late night game at 11:30 pm, the deputy leader of the crowd Manchester City attacks to visit the team to escape relegation Southampton Apparently the Blue Yachts plan to form a hand to avenge the Saint after being knocked out in battle Carabao Cup it came at the beginning of the year It is also an important opportunity to reduce the gap from the leader of the crowd to 5 points to put pressure on the artillery who will have a heavy battle the next day.

and ends with the game on Sunday In these there will be 2 pairs of games, but the real football fans cannot miss it. is the most important game at 10:30 pm Liverpool still having to face heavy battles continuously At this time, the field will be opened. Anfield Dealing with the crowd Arsenal Who moves forward chasing the championship with full force, say that 3 points in this game is very meaningful for both teams. But in the end, which team will be fulfilled? Football fansWe must wait to send hearts to cheer up the love teamAlong the way, the ferocity is guaranteed!

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