Live up to 150 years! Examine “human life expectancy”, the longer you live.

Humans are a large group of social animals. Therefore, the birth-aging-death of a person’s illness is not a single issue. But it became an issue for most people inevitably. in the middle of last year the BBC News website has published research from the biotechnology company “Gero” (Gero) thatHumans have a statistical lifespan of more than 120-150 years from a blood sample analysis of 5,000 people.

Can humans live up to 150 years? Examining the oldest people in the world The statistics collected were about a great grandfather from France who, despite his death, was 122 years old at the time of his death.

  • Statistical survey “Human life expectancy” is 2 times longer than in the past.

According to the results of the survey of human life expectancy statisticsWorld Health Organization The latest data collected in 2019 found that the average life expectancy of people worldwide is 72.6, with the Japanese having an average life expectancy of 85 years and the Spanish, Swiss, Italian and Australian life expectancies of 83 years. It is a group of countries with the longest life expectancy in the world. Central African countries became the lowest life expectancy group in the world, at an average of 53 years.

Looking at the historical statistics every 5 years is inIn 2014 the average life expectancy of people worldwide was 71.4 years, in 2009 the average life expectancy of people worldwide was 69.5 years and in 2004 the average life expectancy of people worldwide was found to be 67.6 years and 5 years significant

In addition, looking back at the human age figures in the longest data collection year, from 1950, the global average life expectancy was 45.7 years, which means that over the last two decades the life expectancy of humans has doubled, constantly. with the data.oourworldindata website It is said that humans lived only 40 years in the last 19th century, but now humans can live as long as 72 years.

  • Thai people over the world’s average age can live up to 77 years

Let’s go back and look at some Thai statistical data. Data from our world’s data also collected statistics on the average age of Thai people, found thatIn 2019, Thai people had an average life expectancy of 77.2 years, in 2014, a life expectancy of 75.7, in 2009, a life expectancy of 73.8 years, and in 1950, a life expectancy of 49.9.

If anyone follows the TV news often during the day of the elderly There are often scoops of longevity people in Thailand that can be seen through their eyes, either a great grandfather of 4 countries or the 128 year old man who is defined as the person who has lived the longest in Thailand. But even then, when going in to check the information again, it was found that the longevity mentioned in some media is not a true age. due to an error in the birth notification and the year of birth stated on the identity card

  • Longevity is not just about eating and sleeping, it is also related to poverty. and inequality

Humans have lived significantly longer since the statistical increase in human age during the post-industrial revolution. after world war And the more after the period medical technology has evolved more and more. Humans are living longer.

which is an important part of the health benefits that many of them The country arranges for its own people fromUnited Nations Population Information In conclusion, the more stable and prosperous a country is, the longer people will live. On the other hand, if a country is in a poor country The life expectancy of the population is shortened accordingly due to insufficient health welfare provision for the population. The country with the lowest life expectancy in the world is Central Africa with an average age of 53 years.

In the late 1960s, South Korea’s average life expectancy was lower than that of the United Kingdom. But these days, the life expectancy of South Koreans has risen close to that of the United Kingdom. Or today, the average age of Indians has tripled compared to the 18th century.

  • The longer you live, the more it hurts.

The increase in life expectancy around the world every year has been a big conversation in the last 10 years, in terms of medical technology. health benefits and dealing with an aging society including anti-ageing science There was debate among those who agreed. and those who do not see well that human beings should live long

One of the people who disagreed with the longevity of human beings was Ezekiel Emanuel Advisor to the former President of the United States He had written an article called Why I Hope to Die at the age of 75 or translated into Thai as Why I had to die at 75, arguing that the age of 75 is already a life full of happiness? seeing the family grow Happy loved ones is the highest point of life. Extending your life with medical technology in one way or another brings suffering, sadness and despair. After Emanuel published this article on social media, a group of dissenters took him on tour.

as well as Elon Musk The same opinion as Emanuel is that longevity does not improve the world. In addition, some ideas from the old generation also hinder the future generations.

On the other hand, statistics from the data of our world In conclusion, the longer a person lives That further reflects that the world has a better health care system than in the past. but vice versa People have to deal with illness. and disability for a longer period A survey in 2016 found that Thais suffer from illness in their lifetime. or disability for about 9.7 years

However, this has been very controversial. and it can be seen from many angles Like the euthanasia law or delaying death that we humans can choose when to die on our own or not Or have to suffer the pain until you run out of wind on your own.

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