LIVE UPDATE Europa League: Wolfsberger-Spurs

LIVE UPDATE Europa League: Wolfsberger-Spurs

UEFA Europa League 2020-2021 round of 32 teams, the first match is the meeting between Wolfsberger, who used Puskas Arena in Hungary as temporary homecoming, meets Tottenham Hotspur

Ferdinand Feldhofer of the team from Austria. Choose to organize an army in the 4-1-3-2 system, use a pair of strikers as Dejan Yoveljich to coordinate with Dario Visinger.

Jose Mourinho’s England team made their move in a 4-2-3-1 plan, with Son Hung-Min playing in front of the target to attack with Gareth Bale, Dele Alli. And Lucas Moura

The game started 13 minutes as the side of the Spurs managed to score a lead from the moment Gareth Bale opened the ball at the end of the back-right line into the center for Son Hung-Min to knock down the net Send to chicken Golden Spikes 1-0 lead

In the 28th minute, the Chicken Club added two more balls as Matt Doherty passed through the penalty area for Gareth Bale to avoid the Austrian defensive line before shooting with the left in the penalty area. Beautifully curved mesh plugs Helping the English team escape 2-0

Then, in the 34th minute, Spurs came to the third goal, further from the moment that Lucas Moura showed his unconventional rearing skills, defending Wolfsberger before getting a decisive right shot. Send to Golden Spikes Chicken to take 3-0 away.

List of players from both teams

Wolfsberger (4-1-3-2): Alexander Kofler; Michael Novak, Dominic Baumgartner, Luka Lochoschvili, Jonathan Scherer; Sven Spunkler; Matthaus Taferner, Micha Ellientle, Christopher Wernitznick; Dejanjo Veljic, Dario Visinger

Alternate: Guram Jorbelidze, Gustav Henriksson, Stefan Peric, Mario Pavelic, Chekudiang, Nemanja Arnic, Mario Leipzig, Kaistratznick, Thorsten Rocher, David Franz Scuba, Lucas Schöfler, Manuel Kuttin.

Tottenham Hotspur (4-2-3-1): Hugo Lloris; Matt Doherty, Eric Dyer, Toby Alderwareld, Ben Davies; Moussa Sissoko, Harry Owings; Gareth Bale, Dele Alli, Lucas Moura; Son Heung-Min

Reserves: Pierre Emil-Hoybier, Davincon Sanchez, Eric Lamela, Joe Hart, Stephen Bergwine, Japhet Tanga, Tunkey Ndombe Le, Alfie Whiteman, Jamie Bowden, Carlos Vinisius, Denscarlett, Marcellavinier

Date and time of competition?

game Wolfsberger – Tottenham Hotspur
A date Thursday night, October 18, 2020
time 0.55 AM (Friday morning)
field Puskas Arena



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