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Liverpool (1) 0-0 (3) Real Madrid: 3 points dissected after the reds knocked off the Reds from the CHP.

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Competition: Football UEFA Champions League Round 8 Final 2020/21
Race day: Wednesday night, April 14, 2021
Competition time: 02.00 Thailand time.
Results: Liverpool (1) 0-0 (3) Real Madrid
Field: Anfield

1. The Reds start with an exciting start.

With the situation in which Liverpool fell after the first leg, 1-3 made them behind the lid It is imperative to start off attacking Real Madrid with at least a two-goal difference if hoping to qualify for the semi-finals.Jergen Klopp’s side starts the game at Anfield. Predictably, they were able to open attacking games, creating quick goals in the first 10 minutes thanks to Mohamed Salah’s tap-ins and the out-of-the-box curve by James Milne. A

But with the White Kings getting their timing in setting up their defensive zones, the Reds are even more difficult for the rest of the game.

2. Klopp play save before trying to speed up the game

Jurgen Klopp made his move by sending machine room midfielder James Milner to start and dropping out the Tigers Alcantara on the sidelines.

The German boss waited until the 60th minute when the team didn’t go anywhere. Before sending a high-profile midfielder into the field with Diocochota taking off Osancabac and Milner, with the 3rd match still in full

The momentum of the game immediately swung to Liverpool, their offensive game was more lively, Thiago tapped the ball, shifted the defensive axis, while Chota flickered on the left side and attempted to defeat the ball in midair in the penalty area.

But then the enthusiasm was exhausted less than 10 minutes after the replacement. The late game’s final pieces like Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Xherdan Shaqiri further messed up the team’s attack patterns. More desperate than before

3. Games that walk in the right direction, except for the door

Liverpool have done what they should have been in this game. Both a strong defense Winning the game in the middle And taking an opportunity to create a manifestation of danger They were absent, with only goals that their repetitive efforts failed to pass the ball into the bottom of the net.


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