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Liverpool Eighth Marine Helps Mourinho “A Very Normal Thing”

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[엑스포츠뉴스 김희웅 인턴기자] Joe Mourinho is Liverpool’s MarineAFCDidn’t mind that helped.

Tottenham Hotspur 11Work(Korean time) At Crosby Rosst Park, UK 2020/21season FAcup 3Fight against Marine in the round.

Marine is 8It is an amateur team in the minor league.. This game FAIt is drawing attention with the biggest gap in the history of the Cup.. Marine is also excited about the confrontation with the top club..

Marin’s coach Neil Young, ahead of the game, I want to see Son Heung-min and Harry Kane,, Not in the stadiumWhile There is no way to stop Tottenham,, I will do my best to prepareSaid.

Even if the soccer ball is round, it’s almost impossible for Marine to catch Tottenham.. However, Director Neil Young is working hard, With the help of the same regional teams, Liverpool and Everton..

Liverpool and Everton reportedly rented their training grounds and provided Tottenham analysis footage to Marine.. Some believe that this is what Liverpool is trying to do for Tottenham’s downfall..

But coach Mourinho did not care.. At a press conference before the game I think it’s normal for Liverpool to help Marin.. We know they are neighbors. I am sure there is an emotional relationship between themSaid.

Following If Marine takes our analysis video and creates a situation that cannot be directed, It’s completely normalHe said this and passed it off insignificantly..

In fact, even if Marine receives the video, it is true that the gap is so large that the victory is leaning toward Tottenham.. Director Mourinho There is nothing we can do other than respect them and win the game.And FAThrew the cup ticket.

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