Liverpool Man Utd continues in hiking ticket prices for Barcelona fans traveling to Anfield for semi-final

LIverpool has followed Manchester United in roaming ticket prices for Barcelona fans traveling to England for the Champions League semi-final to reimburse Kop supporters for large charges in Nou Camp.

Barca is claiming € 119 tickets for the 4,620 fans going from Northern Marine to Spain for the first phase on 1 May.

This prompted Liverpool to match visitor prices with Anfield a week later. Liverpool's reply means that they can offer away tickets to their own fans at a reduced price of € 88, a significant reduction of € 31.

United demanded Barcelona pricing for its fourth rú excessive connection ’. Liverpool had more restrictions in its language, recognizing that the costs le are in line with Barcelona FC's pricing structure for the stages of this season's Champions Championship.

However, the club in Merseyside focused attention on their support for changing policy from Uefa to prevent clubs from interfering with marquee appliances.


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