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Liverpool overturn Manchester United 4-2

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England May 14 – “Reds” Liverpool show a great form of invasion to defeat “Red Devils” Manchester United to the place 4-2 in the English Premier League red game.

English Premier League football last night with two pairs of kicking “Red Devils” Manchester United 2nd place of the opening table, Old Trafford received the visit of the “Reds” Liverpool No. 6.

The opening of the first half, 10th minute, Manchester United scored a 1-0 lead from the stroke that Marcus Rashford paid through for Aaron Wan-Bissaga to drop into the right side of the penalty area. Before paying back to Bruno Fernandes to hit the right ball, Nathaniel Phillips changed the door to the door.

In the 34th minute, Liverpool equalized 1-1 from a corner kick. Finally, the ball came into the way, Nathaniel Phillips flick, shot with the right, came into the Dio Goshota, crossed the shot above the top.

Into 45 + 3 stoppage time Liverpool overtook a 2-1 lead from a free kick in front of the Trent Alexander-Arnold penalty area. Open to the second column, Roberto Firmino tackles beautifully. Before finishing the first half with this score

In the second half, 47th minute Liverpool escaped 3-1 with Roberto Firmino’s shot, then at the 68th minute Manchester United chased 2-3 from the moment Edison Cavani paid Marcus Rashf. Ford jumps into the penalty area and slashes into the penalty area, but in 90 minutes Liverpool fled 4-2 from Mohamed Salah’s single drop before passing Dean Henderson to not miss the end of the Liverpool game. The attack came to win Manchester United 4-2, with 60 points from 35 matches, still having a chance to win 4th place in the last 3 games.

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As for the result of the match, another pair of Aston Villa draws with Everton 0-0. – Thai news agency

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