Liverpool target Son Heung-min in place of Sadio Mane

Liverpool, Liverpool, the best team in the English Premier League rumored that they are interested in signing with the Son Heung-min, South Korean national team striker who recently won the top scorer with Mo Salah, as reported by on May 31, 2022.

After Sadio Mane is preparing to leave for Bayern Munich, it makesLiverpoolmust urgently find his representative Recently, there is news that Jurgen Klopp wants Son Heung-min to come to footballvery much because of the style of the person already Will be easy to get into the team

Son Heung Min

But this deal is unlikely to happen easily, of course, given that Spurs have the right to todayNext season’s UEFA Champions League has arrived and Antonio Conte has also confirmed that he is ready to take the reins. Making the opportunity for Liverpool to get Oppa Son to join the team is not easy.

Son Heung-min moved to Spurs in 2015 for a fee of 22 million pounds. Currently, the 29-year-old spearhead has made 325 appearances for Nong Kai, scoring 131 goals, but he has not won anything. Just one item at hand.

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