[Llygaid Oguruma Oyakata]Shodai, DON’T FORGET YOU ARE STRONG: Sports Hochi

Sumo Wrestling ▽ place October 9th day (19th, Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan)

The 4th Nishi-Maegashira, Takayasu, won the gold star for the first time in 46 places, the second most since the Showa period. Yokozuna pushed Terunofuji out and sustained two losses. Although he is 2 behind Nishimaegashira 8th and Hokusho Fuji, who has only retained the lead with all the wins, he will aim for a come-from-behind victory by lining up the wins with the momentum of defeating the yokozuna. The three Ozeki were also defeated, and all of the main teams for the second time are now black stars. It was the first shame since the Showa era that every yokozuna and ozeki on the list had participated in the same place twice. Ozeki and Masayo lost.


I want to ask Tadashi. As an ozeki, how do you deal with losing on the ninth day? Ichiban with Ura. I was playing sumo wrestling with fear. Like a frog caught in a snake, his legs flutter. I didn’t even have the urge to come forward.

He may be using all his energy, but he cannot see his resolve. Even if the first half was bad, in the second half, they have a history of recovering and winning. Maybe he has a naive feeling that “this place will be fine”. The looseness of the mind seems to be lost on the ninth day.

He will restart from zero because the mind, technique and body are bad. Sumo wrestling is directly linked to practice and a major tournament. Chest arch, chin facing the ceiling, waist height, lack of horsepower, etc. can only be corrected in the exercise room. The place to visit is the fifth Kado number. Isn’t it right to fall from ozeki? I want you to heal slowly. Tadashi has fallen so far. Finally, DO NOT forget the fact that you were able to reach the rank of ozeki because you are strong.
(Master Oguruma = Former ozeki/Kotokaze, sports report judge)

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