‘Loan-deposit’ open interest rate statistics of 10 commercial banks in 2023

after “Thai Bankers Association” came out announcing the end Measures to reduce contributions to the recovery and development fund of financial institutions (FIDF) December 28, the past. As a result, from the beginning of 2023, commercial banks must submit “contributions” to the FIF. Note the normal rate of 0.46% from the previous 2 years when the Bank of Thailand (BOT) reduced the contribution to the FIF to 0.23%.
Since December 29, 2022, major commercial banks have begun to see It came out to announce an interest rate adjustmenta loan”Increase immediately by 0.40% to be in line with FIDF costs which have returned to normal. causing interest rates to return to normal If compared to the period before the COVID-19 crisis

Looking at the data from commercial banks, it was found that almost all banks have increased their loan interest rates. almost at similar rates They both came out and were officially announced and not officially announced against “Savings” deposit interest rates that are still not increasing There is only an adjustment of the deposit interest rate. “Regular” up to certain types only.

However, if you look at the “loan interest rate” of the commercial banking system from all 10 banks, the loan interest rate is both. Retail rate (Lowest Retail Rate), good large customer interest rate (Lowest Loan Rate), great large customer interest rate Types of overdrafts (Lowest Overdraft Rate) classified by types of loan interest

Start with interest on MLR loans from commercial banks. There are similar interest rates of 6.15-6.48% from commercial banks. Krung Thai Bank MLR interest rate is 6.15%, while Bangkok Bank 6.25% followed by Kasikornbank 6.37% and Ayudhya Bank at 6.48%.
Although there are medium to small banks, the average MLR interest rate is 6.92-7.40% from Thanachart Military Bank. The lowest interest rate is 6.92% and the highest is CIMB Thai at 7.40%.
For major bank MOR interest The average interest rate is 6.72-6.75%, the lowest being Krungthai Bank. and Krungsri Bank at 6.72% and the highest is Bangkok Bank at 6.75% while medium banks MOR average interest rate is 7.05-7.90%, with the lowest at TMB Thanachart Bank at 7.05% and the highest at CIMB Thanachart at 7.90 %.
Although the retail interest rate MRR found that the average was 6.52-8.35% from the first 5 major banks, the average retail interest rate was 6.52-6.77%, and the bank was the lowest. SCB at 6.52% and the highest is Krung Thai Bank at 6.77%, while the average interest rates of medium and small banks are 6.46-8.35%, the lowest is TISCO Bank 6.46% and the highest is CIMB Thai at 8.35%
The adjustment to the loan interest rate this time is against the direction of the deposit interest rate. Especially savings, where the average interest rate is still low at 0.25%.

Even commercial banks are increasing loan interest rates. But interest rates on savings deposits remained constant.
On average 0.25-0.125% from major banks. Interest remained stable at 0.25%, while TMB Thanachart Bank’s lowest savings interest was at 0.125%


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