lobster viral photo, fisherman shocked to see shrimp caught in the net; Viral pictures – fisherman catches rare blue lobster in us

There are many wonderful creatures under the sea that humans have never seen. The sea floor is as beautiful as seen in the divers’ videos. Coral reefs, fish and sea creatures of various colors and sizes are a great wonder. American fisherman Lars-Johan Larsson caught the rare blue lobster. He says this very rare lobster is one in two million.

Larson shared the pictures through Twitter. “The blue lobster was caught off the coast of Portland and released back into the ocean to grow. He shared the pictures with the title “One in two million lobsters”. The pictures went viral on Twitter in no time. It is a beautiful blue lobster. Many people say they have never seen such a lobster before. Pictures were also shared.

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Shrimps are generally red or muddy brown in color. According to a study by the University of Maine, blue shrimp are rare. A blue lobster is only one in two million. Blue lobsters appear this color due to a genetic defect. This causes a certain protein to be produced more than others.

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