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Local administrations – Provincial Administrative Organizations in many northern provinces Moving forward to spend more than 200,000 doses of Sino Farm vaccine

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North – Don’t miss the procession. Local authorities – Provincial Administrative Organization of many provinces in the north, including Chiang Rai, Phichit, Phitsanulok, Kamphaeng Phet, move forward to approve the budget for the purchase of alternative vaccines “Sino Farm” from Chulabhorn Royal College. a total of not less than 2 hundred thousand doses

File photo - Phitsanulok residents flock to reserve an alternative vaccination queue at the Sino Farm at Phitsanulok Municipality, organizing the procurement budget.
Currently, local administrative organizations (PPAs), especially provincial administrative organizations (PAOs) in many provinces in the north. It has been driven together by both the administration and the PAO Council to approve the budget to provide an alternative vaccine against COVID-19 To be injected in the people to support the government’s vaccination program.

For example, Chiang Rai, Kamphaeng Phet, Phitsanulok and Phichit provinces. Recently, the local government has expressed its intention to purchase an alternative vaccine, “Sino Farm”, from China through the Royal College of Chulabhorn. a total of not less than 206,000 doses, each province presented through the Provincial Communicable Disease Committee And some provinces have been approved to purchase and are waiting to receive the vaccine respectively.

Prajan Prachsakul, Governor of Chiang Rai Province, revealed that in Chiang Rai, the Chiang Rai Provincial Administration Organization has supported a budget of 100 million baht to provide a vaccine against COVID-19. Which the province is very pleased and has already approved to propose a budget because it will allow people to have full access to vaccines According to the goal of getting people to be vaccinated at least 70% of the total population to create group immunity. In addition, the province has also informed other local authorities to consider the budget of each location whether they can do the same or not. Because some places may have restrictions. because it is Small government agencies with limited budgets

“Chiang Rai aims for at least 700,000 people to get vaccinated, accounting for 70% of the total population. In the case of Chiang Rai Provincial Administration Organization, if the full budget is met, it will be able to provide 100,000 doses of vaccine, injecting 50,000 people, the rest. will receive government support in the next step.”

while Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Administrative Organization Has provided a budget of 30 million baht to purchase vaccines for approximately 30,000 doses for injections for approximately 15,000 people, ready for the local government agencies to open registration for injection until full. However, PAO has proposed to the disease committee. Contact Kamphaeng Phet Province if it is not enough, you can consider other budgets to support as well.

Phichit province has expressed its intention to purchase 10,000 doses of the Sino Farm option vaccine to inject 5,000 people with the remaining 10 million baht to pay for the first lump. As for Phitsanulok province, it is reported that the Provincial Administrative Organization (PAO) Phitsanulok has approved a budget of 50 million baht to provide 56,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, which Phitsanulok municipality is a The Provincial Administration Organization in the same area has also approved a budget of 10 million baht for the purchase of 10,000 doses of vaccine through Phitsanulok Provincial Administration Organization.


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