Local Newspaper Identifies Montgomery and Gill as Top Contenders for Managerial Promotion

Orange County Register Selects Montgomery and Gill as Top Candidates for Angels Manager Position

The retirement announcement of Angels manager Phil Nevin has sparked speculation about his replacement, with the American media already conjuring up potential candidates for the coveted position. Among the names swirling around, the local newspaper “Orange County Register” has highlighted Ray Montgomery, the team’s bench coach, and Benji Gill, the backfield coach, as the frontrunners for an internal promotion. According to the publication, both Montgomery and Gill possess the necessary qualities and experience to take on the managerial role.

Ray Montgomery, who has been serving as a standout bench coach, has been considered a natural choice to step in as manager following Nevin’s departure. Having filled in for Nevin throughout the season, he is well-versed in the team’s strategies and possesses a keen understanding of its dynamics. Known for his astute decision-making and ability to engender a strong sense of teamwork, Montgomery is highly regarded within the organization.

Meanwhile, Benji Gill, currently coaching the Mexican national team at the WBC, has also emerged as a key contender for the managerial position. His international coaching experience and success at the WBC this spring have earned him recognition as a competent and capable candidate. Gill’s adeptness at fostering a winning culture and his strong rapport with players make him an attractive choice for the Angels.

Although there are additional high-profile names such as Buck Showalter, the four-time Manager of the Year award winner who recently left the Mets, insiders suggest that the Angels might prioritize internal candidates. However, Showalter’s vast experience and leadership qualities cannot be discounted, especially given the Angels’ potential pursuit of a manager with a proven track record.

According to “The Athletic,” a prominent American sports media outlet, other potential candidates for the Angels managerial role include Gabe Kapler, the former Giants outfielder and manager, known for his proactive and strategic approach; Mark DeRosa, who coached the US WBC team this spring; and current Padres manager Bob Melvin, among others. The article highlights the unique strengths and accomplishments of each candidate, making the selection process all the more intriguing.

With the Angels eager to secure their next leader, the coming weeks will undoubtedly see intense speculation and anticipation as the organization navigates through the wealth of managerial talent available. Time will tell which candidate will ultimately earn the role and usher the Angels into a new era of success.

A local newspaper calls Montgomery and Gill ‘obvious choices’ for internal promotion

The Angels announced on the 2nd (3rd Japan time) that manager Phil Nevin will retire at the end of this season. The team plans to start hiring a replacement as soon as possible, and the American media is already predicting a “new manager candidate.” The names of former Giants players, WBC managers, and Chisho have also been mentioned.

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Initially, the local newspaper “Orange County Register” named two people as candidates for internal promotion. “Ray Montgomery (bench coach) and Benji Gill (backfield coach) are the obvious choices,” he said, adding that Montgomery will play a “number two role” as he fills in when coach Nevin left this season. “It was.” Gil is the coach of the Mexican national team at the WBC this spring.

There is also the name of Buck Showalter, who has won the Manager of the Year award four times, the most in history, but resigned as Mets manager at the end of this season. “He was just released by the Mets. If the Angels are looking for a manager with experience, he could be a candidate. Minassian worked under Showalter when he was with the Rangers. “I also met Mr. Showalter in 2019 when was hiring.”

The American sports media “The Athletic” also listed possible candidates for managers for each team with the question, “Who is the most likely candidate for the new MLB manager?” Gabe Kapler, former Giants outfielder and manager of the Giants and Phillies, said, “In 2021, he had 107 wins with the Giants and won the National League Most Valuable Manager Award. “He is known as a proactive manager and strategic. If he has a roster full of good players and doesn’t need a platoon or an opener, he could still shine,” the article reads.

Also mentioned were Mark DeRosa, who coached the US WBC team this spring, current Padres manager Bob Melvin, and former Dodgers manager and current Blue Jays bench coach Don Mattingly.

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