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Another goalless game in Qatar. Second place Croatia were beaten by African group Morocco. This is the third goalless game in this World Cup. Morocco left the field by shaking Croatia at the Albeit Stadium. They only failed on the way to the goal. Morocco were drawn against Croatia in Group F, which includes Belgium.

Croatia was in the memories four years ago. Only four of those who played then were in the first eleven this time. Led by Luka Modric. However, Modric’s side did not have a breakthrough anywhere in the game. There was no movement from the front row apart from one attempt by Nikola Vlasic. Morocco shone with an organized defence.

There were only two good moves in the game. The first was the Vlasic move. The Moroccan goalkeeper, Yass, was blocked by Bounau with his legs as he met the cross from the left flank. On the other hand, Nausair Mazrui’s attempt was also saved by Croatian goalkeeper Livakovic. Achraf Hakimi’s long range shot was also hit.
Modric, who played all over the pitch, could not bring back the energy of the last World Cup.

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