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Logitech’s new mechanical gaming keyboard G413 SE has been officially unveiled a few days ago. It is designed for gamers and adopts a 6-key Rollover without conflict and anti-key conflict design to help players pursue a smoother gaming experience.

G413 SE is a wired mechanical keyboard with a standard 104-key configuration. The unpacked version is a tea shaft. The keycaps are made of heat-resistant and wear-resistant PBT, and the base is made of more durable aluminum alloys. The keyboard itself also has White LED indicator effect, RGB effect is not supported.

In terms of basic specifications, the size of the G413 SE is 435x127x36.3mm, the weight is 780g, and the length of the USB (2.0) connection cable is 1.8m. In short, it is the standard standard wired mechanical keyboard.

Since G413 SE claims to be a keyboard specially designed for gamers, the keyboard itself has a combination of 6-key Rollover without conflict and anti-key conflict, which can smoothly press multiple keys at the same time during the game.


As mentioned above, the shaft body used by the G413 SE is a tea shaft, the trigger distance is 1.9mm, the trigger force is 50g, and the total stroke is 4mm.

Compared with other common gaming keyboards on the market, the backlight effect of the G413 SE is slightly monotonous, with only white single-color light performance, and it cannot be set to other colors by itself. It is suitable for people who like simple lighting effects.



The base of G413 SE is made of aluminum alloy, and the part of the positioning plate in contact with the keycap is treated with hairline. The black design makes the keyboard look simple, but still retains a certain degree of delicacy.

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The keycaps themselves are made of PBT material with a good feel, which is relatively less likely to be stained with grease after long-term use, and the degree of wear resistance is also better than that of ABS material keycaps.

The multimedia keys configured on the keyboard itself are presented in the form of side engraving, so that the keycaps of the original F1-F12 key area are kept simple, and no other key content is printed.

As a cat owner (no one wants to know), the cat hair at home will inevitably get stuck in the keyboard over time. The floating keycap design of the G413 SE will not let the cat hair directly enter the PCB circuit board. When you are done, find a brush and wave it to end the cleaning.






I actually used G413 SE to play several games, such as the FPS type “Apex Heroes” and the action type “Ayrden’s Circle”.Although the operation performance of the latter has nothing to do with the quality of the keyboardbut the touch feel and smoothness are normal.

As a main player-oriented mechanical keyboard, although G413 SE does not support multiple transmission methods, it is only wired transmission, but the keyboard itself has a built-in 6-key ROLLOVER non-conflict and anti-key conflict design, which is suitable for players who often need to hit multiple keys at a time. .


It is currently known that TESL has teamed up with Logitech G to offer a campus group purchase plan for the G535 headset and G413 SE keyboard. Enter the specified discount code to get a maximum discount of 25%. For example, the G413 SE keyboard with the original price of 2,490 yuan has a chance to get 1,880 yuan. The price is equivalent to 75% off.

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