Logitech unveils cloud-only ‘portable gaming console’

Logitech gaming brand Logitech G announced on the 21st local time a dedicated portable game console for cloud gaming and streaming experiences Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld (G Cloud Gaming)was officially released.

G Cloud Gaming, created with the aim of providing cloud experience within FHD 1080P screen and efficient battery, provides online game services as the name suggests.

Logitech has partnered with Tencent to officially support cloud gaming services such as Xbox cloud gaming and Nvidia’s GeForce Now. Additionally, if you have an Xbox console, you can stream local games through the Xbox app, and you can also stream PC games from your Steam library through Steam Link. Although I didn’t present it separately, it also mentions remote play app support via the Google Play Store, and it appears that PlayStation Remote Play is also possible.

As you can see from the Google Play support, the device adopts Android as its operating system, so video streaming is also possible.

Logitech G explained that G Cloud Gaming weighs 463g and can play up to 12 hours of gameplay. In addition, it has a 7-inch 1080P touchscreen and a 16:9 ratio display with a 60hz refresh rate. It also supports Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity along with a 3.5mm stereo audio jack. Headphone support is also possible through the USB-C port, which is the charging part.

Detailed specifications include Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G Octa-Core 2.3GHz, 4GB LPDDR4x RAM and 64GB of basic storage, which can be expanded externally via a microSD card.

In addition, the control unit that comes out basically has a structure similar to that of the Nintendo Switch on the front, and has features of recent mobile game devices such as haptic feedback and gyroscope.

However, the downside is that even though it’s a cloud-only device, it’s Wi-Fi only without cellular. It is also unfortunate that Wi-Fi 5 has been adopted instead of Wi-Fi 6, which features a high maximum speed and low latency.

G Cloud Gaming retails for $349.99. This is about 490,000 won in Korean Won. Although the price seems high due to the strong dollar, the UMPC Steam Valve gaming deck sells for $ 399, a difference of only $ 50. Even considering that it is a cloud-only device, external controllers can be purchased as Razer Kishi and spine combined with Android / iPhone smartphones for around $100.

However, since G Cloud Gaming distinguishes itself with more than 10 hours of game play through a generous battery and a 7-inch FHD resolution display, it can be one of the options for gamers who only consider cloud gaming and streaming .

The Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld will be officially released on October 18 and will be sold for $ 299.99 (about 420,000 KRW), discounted by $ 50 to buy pre-orders while stocks last . However, the official domestic release information was not revealed separately.

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