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– Eternal Return new test subject ‘Heize’

Nimble Neuron’s survival battle arena ‘Eternal Return’ will release a new test subject ‘Heize’ on the 29th.

Heize is a test subject with the concept of an arms dealer handling assault rifles. The key is to cause massive damage after neutralizing the enemy while causing crowd control effects (reduced movement speed, stun, etc.) with various weapons. The basic weapon is ‘Assault Rifle’, but the stance can be changed with the skill E ‘Submachine Gun’ and the skill R ‘Rocket Launcher’. It’s easy to understand if you think of it as a similar concept to ‘Aphelios’ in League of Legends.

The difference from the current assault rifle test specimens is that instead of reloading, the weapon case can be replaced with a new assault rifle for 0.75 seconds. In addition, manual reloading and non-combat auto loading are not available, and the number of bullets is maintained even if the ignitor is replaced.

When switching to a new assault rifle, basic attacks cannot be performed. However, after reset, the first basic attack deals additional skill damage and gains the ‘dealer of death’ effect, which increases movement speed when the attack hits a test subject.

The Q skill is a ’40mm grenade’ that charges up to two. Deals skill damage in a circular area and slows hitting enemies. It is a skill directly related to Heize’s survival and the effect changes depending on the weapon’s stance, so the player’s proficiency is very important. Deals more damage to enemies hit in the middle of the attack range, and the movement speed reduction effect is also strengthened. Depending on the hit rate, the survival rate can vary greatly as it becomes easier to control the distance to the enemy.

The W skill ‘Shot Barrage’ is a technique that takes a step back and attacks in a fan-shaped area, giving the enemy a short-time stun effect. The basic combo is to stun the enemy with shotgun fire, then apply a specific slow effect with the Q skill and switch weapons to cause major damage. If you use the W skill in both the basic machine gun form and the rocket launcher form, the cooldown is further reduced as the form is released, so using this part will help keep distance.

As mentioned earlier, if you use the E skill, it changes to ‘submachine gun form’. In this form, you can attack the target while moving, and you can change the target with an attack command. Each attack deals skill damage every 0.06 seconds, and the effect is applied to a basic attack hit every 5th bullet.

You cannot interact with objects while maintaining submachine gun form. In addition, the Q skill is also changed from ’40mm grenade’ to ‘Submachine Gun Fire’, which fires continuously in a concentrated state for a short time, causing skill damage and bringing the gun form submachine to end. This skill deals additional damage equal to the remaining magazine.

Finally, the R skill ‘Rocket Launcher’ is also a form-changing skill. Swings the weapon case to knock back enemies, deal skill damage and use 4 rocket launchers for 15 seconds. In rocket launcher form, the range and attack speed are fixed, and movement speed is also reduced. When the rocket launcher form expires, the cooldown is reduced in proportion to the number of bullets remaining.

In addition, the basic attack does not apply to critical strikes and deals additional area skill damage that spreads to the back of the hit target. It will be useful in battles involving many enemies, but is not expected to have a significant effect in one-on-one or small-scale battles.

In the rocket launcher form, the form of the Q skill is changed to ‘accelerating rocket’. This skill deals skill damage to the enemy that is hit, slowing them down, and also deals 50% of the damage to the back of the hit target. The rocket accelerates after a certain amount of time and increases damage as its range expands. This is similar to the ‘Mist Arrow’ of the League of Legends Vex.

Also in the preview video, the action of attacking by expanding the distance from the close subjects with various crowd control effects was impressive. In the battle with Yuki, the distance was already wide enough due to the movement speed reduction effect, so even if Yuki used his ultimate skill, he couldn’t be reached.

It is expected to show good performance in solo mode as it has excellent decompression ability through various crowd control effects, but since it has a long range attack, I think it will be actively used with the tanker test object in duo and squad mode .

Users who watched Heize’s video said, “The concept is well used”, “I like the feeling of hitting”, “I like the experiment with a clear personality”, “I like the character design”, “The quality is very satisfactory, so I think it will be popular.” “, “Let’s make sure to improve and rebound by adding Heize”, “The moving shot looks very cool”, etc., expressing explosive expectations.

Wonbin Moon, Reporter at Game Talk

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