LoL ‘Evolutionary Skills’ Aurelion Sol Refresh Notice

[게임플] Riot Games’ representative game ‘League of Legends (hereafter referred to as LoL)’ champion ‘Aurelion Sol’ has been reworked.

Aurelion Sol is a wizard champion released in March 2016, designed with the concept of a legendary creator who fills the universe by forming celestial stars. He drew attention with his unique skill structure that creates and explodes stars to match the background and causes damage to nearby enemies by orbiting satellites around him.

However, as the skill structure was so heterogeneous, many felt that the difficulty was very high and that it was not possible to demonstrate his performance. In particular, in order to continuously cause damage, you had to dodge all of the opponent’s attacks and adjust the distance, so there was a problem with a clear limit.

Accordingly, Riot Games decided to update Aurelion Sol with patch 13.3 scheduled for February. This revamp changes all basic persistent effects, normal skills, and ultimate skills while maintaining the concept.

The basic persistent effect ‘Creator of the Universe’ is a skill that acquires stardust when Aurelion Sol deals damage with a skill. Stardust permanently strengthens skills and grants additional effects.

Q’s skill, ‘Breath of Light’, is a skill where Aurelion Sol emits a breath of light, dealing damage to the first enemy it hits and less damage to nearby enemies. Each time the attack time accumulates by 1 second, additional burst damage occurs and Aurelion Sol acquires stardust.

In addition, the skill increases damage when attacking a champion, and the range increases proportionally to the level of the champion. Stardust increases explosion damage.

Aurelion Sol, casting his W ‘Flight of the Stars’ skill, flies to the designated location. At this time, the fog of the battlefield is lifted, and the figure is revealed to nearby enemies, and skills can be used in flight. At this time, Breath of Light has no cooldown or maximum concentration time, and the damage increases.

Aurelion Sol reduces the cooldown in Astral Flight when the enemy champion dies shortly after dealing damage. Stardust increases the skill’s maximum flight range.

E Skill ‘Singularity’ is a technique that calls for a black hole that deals damage to enemies for a few seconds and pulls them into the center. Singularity gives stardust per second to every enemy champion in the black hole.

The black hole center executes enemies whose maximum health falls below a certain percentage and gives stardust according to the type of enemy executed. Stardust increases the size of the singularity, including the center, and the action criterion.

The R skill ‘Meteor / Celestial Advent’ is a technique where Aurelion Sol drops a star to the ground, causing damage and stunning effects on enemies. Each enemy champion hit by the meteor gains stardust. Stardust increases the size of the meteor, and when 75 or more are collected, the meteor is transformed into a celestial fall.

Celestial Descent pulls out a giant star, doubling the size of the area of ​​effect and dealing more damage and aerial effects to enemies. Additionally, a massive shockwave is formed at the edge of the effect zone, dealing damage and slowing hitting enemies.