Long COVID symptoms are common “respiratory-mental system”

The Department of Medical Services surveyed the long-term effects on health of people who had been diagnosed with COVID-19 or Long-Covid-19. Most of them had respiratory symptoms. including psychological effects

Today (21 January 2022), the Department of Medical Services discloses the long-term health effects of COVID-19, or long-term COVID-19, is a new or ongoing symptom after being infected with COVID-19 for 3 months since from the date of infection and symptoms persist for at least 2 months, can occur in many systems

Medical Technology Research and Evaluation Institute, Department of Medical Services, surveys the long-term effects on the health of people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. The symptoms that are commonly encountered are as follows:

Nervous system (27.33%)

– Acute localized weakness
– headache
– dizziness
– forgetfulness
– muscle atrophy

Skin System (22.8%)

– hair loss
– allergic rash

General System (23.41%)

– exhaustion
– muscle aches
– joint pain

Psychological system (32.1%)

– can not sleep
– Anxiety
– Depression

Cardiovascular System (22.86%)

– chest pain
– heart palpitations

Respiratory system (44.38%)

– panting
– chronic cough

However, most of these abnormal symptoms resolve on their own. If a patient has symptoms for more than 2 months, they should see a doctor at the nearest hospital. or hospitals that used to treat COVID-19

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“Omicron” distributed throughout Thailand, Bangkok, found the most 4,178 people.

Dr. Thira identified the “Long COVID” research found problems with “memory-fatigue”.



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