Long Island Young Stands to Win a World Cup at Fortnite World This Weekend At Arthur Ashe Stadium - New York CBS t

Long Island Young Stands to Win a World Cup at Fortnite World This Weekend At Arthur Ashe Stadium - New York CBS  t
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – It's like the World Series or the Stanley Cup video games.

The Big Apple competition is coming to the Big Apple this weekend, with a total of $ 30 million on the line, Tony Aiello, CBS2, reported on Thursday.

It is a video game that is going around the world, with over 250 million players registered. Manslaughter is an absolute sensation.

“It's always changing. It's always new, fresh, every day, ”said River Handey player.

“It's a competitive game,” said another player.

Fortnite (Credit: Epic Games) t

The game is so big that it now has its own World Cup. This weekend, thousands of people enter the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing, Queens, to watch the competition in person, and millions of others will stream it online. A 14 year old person came all the way from Norway to play.

“I was just locked immediately. It's a great game, fun, ”said Endretta Byre.

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In total, 40 million people were competing for an opportunity to play in the Cup, but only 100 people, including Griffin Spikoski, 15 years old, from Smithtown on the Long Island. His father said that Griffin is now so famous in the gaming world, and that he must give him the school.


“Half of the school was running around to put out its name. He drew great attention, ”said Chris Spikoski.

In a year and a half, the teen made $ 300,000 playing Fortnite.

“His retirement fund has already been established for him, so it's a good place,” said Chris Spikoski.

If he meets the duo competition, he and his partner, Cody Conrod, will share a prize of $ 3 million. And as Conrod qualified for more spots, he still has a big win, even if he comes to an end.

“I qualified five times, so I have guaranteed $ 120,000 that I will be doing,” said Conrod.

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Conrod's dad said that a professional sport like video games to play at this level, and supports his son's decision to play. It keeps it safe.

“This is a very special parent. I always know where it is. It's a room, ”says Scott Conrod, from Ballyvady, Conn.

But now, he is with the best in the world, competing to win it.

The big prize pool with the popular Fortnite could make the biggest weekend competition in history.


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