“Long Live Love! Long Leaf Love” “If we can hate the lovers Can we go back and love the haters again?”

M PICTURES together with Am Wahaha Co, Ltd are proud to present Hama’s film “Long Live Love! Long Live Love”, the work of a talented director that everyone misses. “Mook-Piyakan Butrprasert “(Sitcom director soulmate next door) and a very skilled producer, Thongdee-Sol Sukhum, starred the hottest heroine Chompoo-Araya A Hargate and the very talented hero Sunny Suwanmethanont together. Peter-Nopchai Chainam, Pompam-Niti Chaichitthorn, Sadanon Durongkaveroj , Tu-Direk Amatayakul, along with hot young actors Becky-Rebecca Patticia etc.

“Long Live Love! long live love”

The scrappy love story of Sati Two Bodies (Sunny Suwanmethanont) and Metta (Chompoo Araya) when they are about to separate, ending their chronic marital problems. Fate is a joke The accident consciousness wakes up in a state of amnesia. He has a Now and Then picture that can bring him back to that picture’s past.

Sati has returned to face what he had done with Mercy and Namo (Becky Rebecca), an old woman who hates him. The trouble started because his wife and children were always ready to take revenge on him.

Retrieving memories through photography forces the new consciousness to wrestle with the former self. The current shift in consciousness shook Metta and Namo’s dislike. Can prudence save family love or not? How can mercy begin again? When forgiveness is something she has never done in her married life.

“Long Live Love! Long Leaf Love”, a Hama-style film, will be shown on June 29 in theaters.


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